Casio CT-670
Casio CT-670

Clavier arrangeur

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contenu en anglais
sukamara8 26/11/2013

L'avis de sukamara8 (contenu en anglais) "Decent home keyboard from 1992 , maybe the best Casio CT of that era "

this used to be a friend first keyboard, and what a keyboard!

its from 1992 more or less...

no sensitivity

but 5 octaves, nice variety of sounds/tone, which can be modified with a mini pseudo synth-section , also a pitch bend wheel, pretty nice orchestrations, rhythms and chord sections/ fill-ins and all... decent drums samples given its age...

Sounds wicked when bent too!


easy and complete set of characteristics, easy to use

nice mini-synth section manipulating the tones


It has stood the test of time

nowadays its mostly interesting to me through the bends I have installed to it, and as it is a digital keyboard it can get very strange and noisy ....

by itself, it is a pretty decent keyboard for its time and can still sound decent in today's ears if your standards are not up too high...