Waves Q-Clone

Waves Q-Clone

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Q-Clone, Autre égaliseur logiciel de la marque Waves.

4 avis d'utilisateurs
Neuf à partir de 49 € prix moyen : 49 €

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  • Fabricant : Waves
  • Modèle : Q-Clone
  • Catégorie : Autres égaliseurs logiciels
  • Fiche créée le : 01/02/2005

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Q-Clone Plug-in 49 €

Avis utilisateurs Waves Q-Clone

Note moyenne :4.4( 4.4/5 sur 4 avis )
 3 avis75 %
 1 avis25 %

L'avis de studio21music

Waves Q-Clone
Il n'y a pas plus simple... => WAVES quoi!


Je tourne avec Nuendo 3.1 sur un PC Avec Athlon 64 3700+
Cela fonctionne sans probleme comme tout d'ailleurs, sur cette config


Alors ca, c'est vraiment une bonne idée ce plug.
Je crois que beaucoup n'ont pas bien compris le principe :
Effectivement, il y a des presets (perso, je n'ai meme pas testé, ce ne m'interesse pas plus que ca) mais le but est que le Qcapture fait des impulses plusieurs fois par seconde de l'EQ hardware, et apres on insere sur nos tranches le Qclone. Et la courbe se représente qd on met "capture". quand on decide de passer a l'autre piste, on met "Hold" et l'EQ reste. Ainsi de suite pour le reste des voies.
C'est vraiment bien foutu... C'est cher c sur... mais c'est vrai que pouvoir mettre une EQ Avalon, pultec ou neve sur CHAQUE piste, c'est quand meme pas mal.
Un autre avis dessous disait avoir des problemes de son, un son "medium". Moi pas de soucis. C'est super ! Au moins a essayer, mais pas n'importe comment (et pi c qd meme destiné a ceux qui ont du bon hard!) autrement inutile !!
Digital state11/05/2005

L'avis de Digital state

Waves Q-Clone
Pas de prob!


Moins gourmand que le L3 par exemple.Trés stable.
Un bon PC musclé fera l'affaire comme d'hab.


2 mois que j'ai acheter cette merveille car j'ai pu l'écouter avant.
Les presets mastering sont excellents, les vocaux, guitares et basses pareil, on nage dans le bonheur absolu! (je n'ai pas éssayé le clonage , car je n'ai pas du bon matos hardware donc ça sert à rien...)
D'aprés tout ce que j'ai pu éssayé...hum...aucune comparaison c'est une fusée.
C'est par contre trés cher mais largement justifié par des perfs hors-normes!
Pour moi Waves c'est la rolls des plugs!
contenu en anglais

L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Waves Q-Clone
I can't speak too much about the installation process with the Waves Ltd. Q-Clone as the one that I have used already had it installed and I wasn't involved in the process.  I can say that since it has been installed I haven't encountered or heard of anyone else encountering any problems related to compatibility, installation, or otherwise.  The interface of the software didn't take me all that long to figure out as everything is laid out nicely.  The plug-in is really two in one - the one with the graph and parameters itself and another one that allows you to import hardware EQ settings.  I have mostly thus far used the presets as they sound pretty great, but there are really endless possibilities with this plug-in and this new type of technology.  The manual is helpful and is definitely a good idea to have around if you are unfamiliar with how to use this.


So far I can't say that I've had any problems at all running the Waves Ltd. Q-Clone plug-in.  I have been using it a professional studio that has a Pro Tools HD system and an Apple G5 computer.  I can't say that I've thus far had any problems running the plug-in, although I haven't used more than a few of them at a time.  I think that as long as you have an adequate system that you are able to run the plug-ins that you already have on well, this won't present any problems.  I've only been using the software for a matter of months as it is a relatively new product.


Overall, Waves Ltd. Q-Clone is a very impressive plug-in.  Just the idea of it itself is new and exciting and when you hear the results I promise that you will be even more exciting.  While it can sometimes take some time to make sure that you have imported everything the right way and that it is effective, it is definitely worth it as the sounds are some of the best that I have heard from a plug-in.  The price of the Waves Ltd. Q-Clone plug-in isn't unreasonable considering the versatility that this has to offer.  Waves Ltd. Q-Clone is absolutely a plug-in that I recommend checking out if you want to try some new technology out or are looking for a great software EQ.
contenu en anglais

L'avis de Hatsubai (contenu en anglais)"Vintage hardware EQ clone"

Waves Q-Clone
The Q-clone is basically a unique plugin that allows you to select between different EQs out there by utilizing different impulses. You can even create your own from your hardware you have. That allows you to store certain sessions into this plugin without having to go through the hassle of recreating them. The plugin itself is extremely simple to use in that you just adjust your hardware to where you'd like it and select save. Just hook it up to whatever you want to EQ or monitor, and go from there. It's crazy simple to use, and Waves even has a demonstration video as to how this plugin actually works. I never read the manual, but once you watch the video, it's really not needed.


Waves is, by far, one of the best software companies out there when it comes to things like performance and stability. First of all, this plugin is cross platform compatible. That means that nearly anybody can use this without any issues. As a Mac user, that's a huge plus for me. The plugin itself is rock solid, and I've never experienced a single crash directly related to utilizing this plugin inside of my DAW. There is one one issue that I did experience, and it's why I rated it a 9 instead of a 10. This plugin is a 32 bit plugin inside of OS X. Today, we're mostly living in a 64 bit world. For Logic Pro to utilize this plugin, it needs to run a special bridge application so I can have my higher RAM limit inside the actual DAW. I realize that the plugin is kinda old, but I'm hoping Waves will update this for 64 bit operation in future updates. I've been using the Mercury bundle for the past half a year or so, and it's been a wonderful experience.


This plugin isn't utilized a lot anymore, I've found. It's mostly because smaller studio people like me don't really utilize outboards that much. We're more concerned about space and budget, so keeping everything inside the DAW solves both those problems. The presets add a great sound to whatever I'm looking to modify, but I tend to just grab the regular EQ whenever I need it. It's a bit more transparent, and I'm more used to utilizing the Logic Pro EQ than any other EQ out there.

News Waves Q-Clone

Waves Q-Clone à -80%

Waves Q-Clone à -80%

12 Publiée le 21/04/11
Waves continue à brader ses plug-ins et propose pendant une période limitée son égaliseur Q-Clone à -80%

[NAMM] La multiplication des EQ...

Publiée le 02/02/05

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