PRS CE1 Maple Top BO

PRS CE1 Maple Top BO

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CE1 Maple Top BO, Autre Guitare Electrique Solid Body de la marque PRS.

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  • Fabricant : PRS
  • Modèle : CE1 Maple Top BO
  • Catégorie : Autres Guitares Electriques Solid Body
  • Fiche créée le : 02/10/2006

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L'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)"Beauty!!!"

PRS CE1 Maple Top BO
Paul Reed Smith guitars are fantastic guitars overall. If a great feeling a great sound pretty versatile for genre to genre music. You can pretty much use this type of guitar and any musical environment imaginable. I seen a hiking modern heavy-metal rock guitarist play these guitars as well as most clean simple country or low rock guitarist as well. That tells me that this is a very personal guitar. It has a great feeling a great time similar to those of the Gibson Les Paul was a little bit more versatility because of body shape.


These bodies are two cutaways much like a Fender Stratocaster would be. This allows one to reach the higher registered frets much easier. You don't have the body back to get in the way of getting to the higher frats anymore. The overall designs guitars you very unique. It takes a lot of influence from the Gibson Les Paul and Fender Stratocaster guitars. You can easily see the double cut away extends from the Fender Stratocaster feel. But the body shape and look is definitely a Les Paul tribute. Plus most of these guitars come with a brilliant singer maple top which is very Gibson Les Paul.


These guitars are very easy to dial in to get a great tone. Basically you have a volume control knob and then the pickup selector. You also have to humbucker pickups installed. Generally the Paul Reed Smith pick ups are pretty good clarity with the good moderate to hygiene output. They help balance out this guitar very well and I great complement to the field and tone of this guitar. They are very voice towards their Paul Reed Smith amplifiers so they have a great versatile and generic in a good way tell. The field of the guitar as a good chunky chicken neck which is very Gibson Les Paul. So you have take some time to get to know this instrument before you go out and play on stage with this guitar. If you spent any time to Gibson Les Paul and you're probably didn't be very comfortable with this guitar. He's our Place center telecaster Ibanez guitar and this is good to be a little bit different than what you used to. The neck is a pretty heavy chucking neck so that's can take some time to get to feel for.

I really like the time in these guitars with hiking amplifier in particular. It sounds great with their Paul Reed Smith amplifier's and another clean to moderate gain amplifier. However these guitars really shine and hygiene metal setting. One my favorite tones puddings guitar with Bonner and the fire because you get a great chunky thick rhythm tone. He guitars because of the flame maple tops balance out the mahogany wood very well so you can get very good percussive lead line in Solo playing with these guitars. However I really think the shine in a prism chord playing setting. So it doesn't really matter how much again you get it but if you get a lot lot again this guitars really can show you it's value.


You can find guitars in any section classified through eBay very easily. They hold their value decently well in the use market so I would suggest getting that in buying a new one. They have a decent price for someone who's a professional guitar player or someone he knows exactly what they want. This is not a guitar for beginner primarily because of the price. But if you can afford this one and your beginners and just probably a good way to start playing the guitar. You'll enjoy playing guitar a lot more than playing at Squire guitar.

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  • PRS CE1 Maple Top BO

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