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Grey Audio SP-1 Stereo processor signal : 55 €

Par Albert le 22/11/2020 - Expire dans 36 jours
Localité : Nord-Pas-de-Calais ( France France)
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Grey Audio SP-1 Stereo processor signal

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The SP-1 can take a a mono signal and transform it into a stereo signal using active electronics.
The SP-1 incorporates a phase switch , this changes the phase of the right hand channel giving an expansive effect to the audio field.
To enhance this field, one channel is fed a filtered signal. The technique is quite old now but does produce some convincing stereo imaging extracted from a monaural input

Simple to use !

The main circuit is not based on any DSP process, this would have made the unit a lot more expensive.
The module simply adds a stereo image using transistor techniques and passive components. Ultra low noise path.

Height:- 128.8 mm (7 HP width).
Voltage Requirement :- 12V DC @ 20 ma

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