Akai Rhythm Wolf

Akai Rhythm Wolf : l'avis de Anonyme

« cheap analogic »

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Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent Cible : Tout public
the construction seems excellent for his price,when you handle it seems not a toy
the multilanguage guide is short but clear,the ac adapter is included.
the feeling about the sounds is subjective and influenced by your personal style
in my opinion kick is good and fortunately not dance oriented,snare drum is the top
in this dm,perc and hats are generic but good,all are genuine and not stereotyped
the bass is original too and not a acidic stereotype,it sounds really as a bass
his filter is satisfying ,the step rec is a little bit tricky but accents and tie are programmables
sequencer is simple,visual and intuitive,the memory bank is 16 patterns
there's not a song mode for automatic chaining,but you can chain patterns manually
similar to tb 303 in write mode
personally the howl distorcer is a mistery,it seems that raise the volume and add
noise simultaneously,totally useless for me maybe helpful for someone
output level is acceptable,if you dont touch howl knob there are no noises or buzzing,maybe kick is a little low but snare drum is really awesome