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Par variax70 le 30/11/2019 - Expire dans 40 jours
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Excellent clean boost car conception originale made in USA et fait main.
Produit rare...
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Usage :
Two outputs that represent both + and - phase. This feature allows phase correcting Blackface and Silverface Fender amps, also you will be able to combine the channels for ultra flexibility and combined harmonics of parallel preamps.
Main output can be used as a standard unbalanced out or balanced out for interfacing to software guitar programs and recording equipment (balanced or unbalanced DI).
The Launch Pad has tremendous clean headroom that makes it an excellent signal buffer from unity gain to 20db boost.
Two outputs allow using the Launch Pad as an A/B with separate output levels. This also will allow you to drive separate or parallel effects chains with OD pre-driving from the Launch pad.
The Launch Pad can be used as a split to your tuner, this keeps the less than optimum audio performance tuner circuits out of your audio chain for much improved sonics.

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