Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster
Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster

Ruby Red Booster, Booster / buffer pour guitare/basse de la marque Mad Professor.

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Par Georges_Orwell le 09/12/2020 - Expire dans 48 jours
Localité : Grenoble, Rhône-Alpes ( France France)
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Avec sa boite et sa notice, velcro dessous : 120€
C'est un "boost + treble boost" plutôt bien noté (perso je l'utilisais plutôt en drive).
Il a un buffer que l'on peut ou non activer. Je copie/colle les indications du constructeur pour bien comprendre comment il fonctionne :
]MASTER: This is a volume control that is located directly after the booster circuit and when set to max it is just a resistor to ground. This control sets the final output and it can be used to control the output when the pedal is used for overdrive (Boost turned up).
TREBLE: Set treble boost from zero to about 15dB. The treble frequency and bandwidth are carefully tuned with an optimized bass slope.
BOOST: The gain of the booster and can be set from unity to about 40dB of boost. When this control is cranked the unit will distort within itself.
BUFFER: Inside the pedal there is a switch for a high quality buffer. You can set the pedal for true bypass mode or “buffer on” in bypass mode. We recommend using a buffer in your signal chain to help with the treble and gain loss from using many pedals and/or long cables.
The Mad Professor RRB Buffer is an amplifier with a voltage gain of exactly 1x (times).
The RRB buffer output impedance is set a little lower than the Dc resistance of a standard guitar pickup to equalize the effect of following load impedance. Input impedance is set at 500K for a medium load to standard guitar pickups. This keeps the tone and guitar volume taper natural.

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Mad Professor Ruby Red Booster