MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
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L'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)"Sweet tone"

MXR M134 Stereo Chorus
It you need a solid chorus pedal with a little more options than the regular one knob control micro chorus, than this might be your ticket. This is a fantastic chorus in the size of the MXR flanger boxes. It has that classic chorus shimmer found in many records and stages around the world. The pedal is very precise with the EQ knobs and the extra bass filter switch.

MXR M-134 Stereo Chorus Pedal Features:

* Add sparkle to clean-toned arpeggios
* Animate strummed passages
* Widen and fatten distorted power chords
* Rate and Width controls
* Run in mono or use the stereo outputs for a huge, vibrant sound
* Bass Filter button applies effect to HF only


This is a very similar operation the the MXR Flanger. It has five knobs to control the over all intensity and varying EQ that take the Micro Chorus from MXR up to a whole new level. Tailoring your chorus is very easy with this pedal but it will take a little bit of effort finding a sound you like since there are so many options available to achieve with this pedal.


The sound quality is so perfect in the unit. It is lush and warm just like a quality analog chorus should sound like. One thing I don't particularly care for is the bass and treble EQing and the bass shift control knob. I wish they would stick with the parameters of getting the tone rather than the EQing. I like to have my amp do all of the the EQing and not rely on effect units to help with that.

I use this with a Strat and a Fender Deluxe. Is sounds great going into a clean amp. It also sounds equally pleasing going into a dirty amp for that 80's rock tone.

If you want to get that Rush sound try the Intensity maxed and the Width and Rate around noon. If you want to get a good tone to slam in the front of a dirty amp try everything around 9:00.


This is great pedal for the person who wants to use a chorus pedal and needs as many options that will fit on his pedal board. If chorus effect is your thing than the extra options will suit you just fine. If you need something a little more simpler than try the MXR Micro Chorus. Both sound the same as far as the voicing of the chorus unit itself.

I would recommend anyone who likes using chorus effect to try this pedal out . At new they come in at around $150. Which is a great price for a unit of this caliber. These are great to record with and fantastic for live gigging. They will hold up to a lot of abuse.