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SSL SIX : 1 100 €

Par Adam Micinec le 09/10/2020 - Expire dans 72 jours
Localité : Région de Banská Bystrica ( Slovaquie Slovaquie)
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2 Recording channels with 2 SuperAnalogueTM Mic preamps (66 dB Gain)
75Hz High-pass filter
Separate line-level input, which can also be used as instrument input
One knob compressor - based on the classic SSL channel
2-Band EQ - Shelf or Bell curve switchable
ALT input, insert and 2 stereo cue ways
2 Stereo channels with two stereo cue paths each
100 mm Fader
Up to 12 channels can be used for summation
G Series Bus Compressor with fixed attack, release and ratio
Professional monitoring section

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