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Console lumière TEKMAND MINI : 3 000 €

Par AmbreB50 le 13/08/2019 - Expire dans 57 jours
Localité : Basse-Normandie ( France France)
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With brand new design, simple interface and more user-friendly operation, TEKMAND MINI is equipped with high-end hardware configuration, integrating several technologies including hardware, software and network, etc and bidirectional combination of touch screen control interface and the function keys, to achieve a variety of complex real-time control in simple operation, more intuitive and fast. It controls the programming, entry, and the final replay of the whole lighting effects. Simple lighting effect diagram can be seen through the built-in analog stage module, and it supports offline pre programmed, which saves a lot of time and improves the efficiency. The console itself can process 4096 parameters, and control various types of lighting equipment including the traditional lights, moving head lights, LED lights, video and digital media lights etc via the external expander. The console is small-size and light-weight, which is the best choice for customers with high mobility requirements. It can be used freely for all kinds of small and medium performances and activities.

Available to control max 65536 parameters when each session is connected to DPU

Maximum 32 sessions at a time

Console itself can deal with 4096 parameters

Built-in 8 DMX input/output (user-defined)

Up to 256 DMX outputs when connecting to DPU

1 built-in 15.4 inches industrial touch screen

Support a VGA interface to extend an external monitor

15 pieces electric executive faders

Two electric A /B faders

One electric master control faders

Can be connected keyboard and mouse, Support wireless key board and mouse

Equipped with brightness adjustable LED light

1 Ethernet interface (10/100/1000M)

4 USB 2.0 interfaces

MIDI input/output

Audio input/output

Adjustable keystroke background light

7 self-defined screen keyboard shortcuts

Equipped with more reliable solid hard disk

Support multi-language operations (Simplified &Traditional Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, French)

Support many kinds of input methods (Chinese, English, Korean)

Brand-new design, popular and easy to understand configuration, user-friendly interface

Support multi-machine backup

Support LTP and HTP, method available for switching LTP and HTP

CITP protocol allows a direct preview of videos from media server

Support MIDI / LTC(SMPIE)and inner time code, in sync with time code, convenient for copy and spring

Handheld equipment long-distance control is available, support IOS/Android handset system.

Powerful vivid stage 3D simulation effect, timely simulating live effect and convenient for off-line programming

Strong layout management with diverse operation modes

Support multi-protocols: Art-net, SACN, etc

Support multi-users operation.

Support RDM remote fixtures’ management

Support audio player, built-in music player, clear and smooth

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