Behringer Eurolive B215D
Behringer Eurolive B215D

Eurolive B215D, Enceinte de sono amplifiée de la marque Behringer appartenant à la série Eurolive.

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Note moyenne :4.7( 4.7/5 sur 6 avis )
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L'avis de chrisdjhouse"son clair"

Behringer Eurolive B215D
j'utilise bien souvent en retour de scene je es 2 et avec le 4trak très facile de branché avec le boothzonne

pour de la diff en soirée je recommande d'accompagner d'un sub , mais ces vraiment pour accompagner d'une qualité sonore encore plus puissante et pour toujours pus de qualité

L'avis de bazzzoukk"A ce prix là, que demande le peuple?"

Behringer Eurolive B215D
Cachez ce Behringer que je ne saurais voir, et tout va bien! Un petit autocollant sur l'étiquette, un bobard du type ce sont des Wanagain made in US moulés à la main et à 3000 box la pièce, tout à coup miracle, les zicos et sonorisateurs les trouvent excellentissimes!
Bon, avec un bon equa de préférence, mais qui travaille sans équa ?
Je les utilise en retour depuis 1 an, et elles ont bluffé les plus exigeants, aucun problème et que des économies.
Behringer ça n'est plus ce que c'était, ma brave dame, tout change à une vitesse on ne s'y retrouve plus!

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L'avis de BeyondR (contenu en anglais)

Behringer Eurolive B215D
Behringer B215D are some high quality speakers that are used by many advanced musicians in the world.
These speakers combine the great look with a high quality concerning the timbre , frequency response , a very clean and pro sound and also a powerful punchy feel.

They have a punchy feel that is very enjoyable , without any distortion or any kinda of bad side effects to the listener.
What I like most about these speakers is the power provided by them , that punchy feel , the integrated eq , a very low noise and of course the design.

What I have found quite surprising about this product, is the weight, even if they provide a powerful performance that usually makes thing extremely heavy , or very complex with all those pre-amps , filters , eq and other stuff , these speakers are quite well designed so that they do not weight a lot.

I must mention the low frequency response that is very good , it's pro , it sounds great , it doesn't tremble to much , it's very accurate and precise.
I like the 550-Watt 2-way PA that this product has , I also like how the design is very compact and light so it doesn't weight a lot , the internal switch-mode power supply for noise-free audio makes a huge difference as well as the ltra-wide dispersion , the trapezoidal enclosure design allows a different posture and get that sound to fill the room.
My opinion about the value for the price is great, this product indeed is quite remarkable , it costs around 350 $ , however its worth the money.

Precision and quality is pro, I haven't found nothing to complain , 10/10.
Knowing what I know , I would buy these great piece of hardware which help the mastering / mixing design a lot.
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L'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)"Huge sound"

Behringer Eurolive B215D
The Eurolive B215D is a 15 inch PA cabinet that packs a huge sound. All of the specs are virtually the same between the B210D and this one except one huge difference, the sound is much bigger! This speaker cost about 150 dollars more than the 10 inch from Eurolive (B210D) but it is well worth it once you hear how much bigger the sound is.
You can get amazing power out of this Cabinet without having to worry about carrying a heavy speaker. This speaker is very light for it to be as big as it is. Like the B210D it has a 2 band EQ for treble and bass and also has the active high pass filter. The sound is very similar; in fact, the sound is the exact same but the difference is you are getting way more power with this speaker and a much better sound in a larger space. I own two of these and it is our go too speaker when we are in a larger space, especially one we are unfamiliar with because we know how great this sounds in so many different places.
We first decided to purchase this after being a club that already had them set up, they blew us away and we could not believe that it was the Eurolive series system. We knew that immediately we needed to pick them up and they are pretty affordable compared to some other ones we have purchased in the past so we went ahead and made the purchase.
The sound is very clear and big, and it is perfect for all sorts of live applications like performances, DJ’s, events, weddings and pretty much anything you can name it will sound great. Right before we purchased these or speaker system was the Mackie thumps and comparing those to these is like comparing apples to oranges. Great sound, lightweight and ready to go!