Bassics Tone Ranger

Bassics Tone Ranger

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Tone Ranger, Egaliseur paramétrique de la marque Bassics.

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Fiche technique Bassics Tone Ranger

  • Fabricant : Bassics
  • Modèle : Tone Ranger
  • Catégorie : Egaliseurs paramétriques
  • Fiche créée le : 17/07/2018

The Tone Ranger provides a range of frequencies and musicality that is seldom found in amplifier ‘heads’ or other equalisers. The frequencies have been tailored specifically for bass and draw on Malcolm Toft’s experience as an award winning recording engineer and console designer. It is very simple to operate and extremely powerful A unique feature is the unit’s ability to connect to any power supply between +9volts to +18 volts a.c or d.c. positive or negative polarity. It just needs the standard 2.5mm connector. Once this is connected, the controls will light up to show that power is applied. To operate, Turn all controls to their minimum position: top row ‘frequencies’, anti-clockwise, bottom row ‘level’ to their mid way (detented) positions. Make sure the bypass footswitch switch is not activated (no controls will illuminate). Make sure the rear panel toggle switch is set to ‘LOW’ (down position). Select a frequency range you wish to control and turn the frequency knob to the appropriate frequency. If you want to boost (amplify) the chosen frequency, turn the appropriate level control clockwise until the desired amount is achieved. To cut (attenuate) the frequency chosen, turn the appropriate level control anti-clockwise until the desired amount is achieved. This can be applied to any of the three frequency ranges. The ‘EQ IN’ footswitch sets all controls back to their original settings and bypasses the equaliser circuitry. When the rear toggle switch is set to ‘HIGH’ an additional 10db gain is added to boost the output which might be useful if the device is used in conjunction with other pedals.


News Bassics Tone Ranger

Les nouvelles pédales d'effets de Bassics

Les nouvelles pédales d'effets de Bassics

3 Publiée le 17/07/18
En parallèle de la tête d'ampli AH-900 et de l'ampli de puissance A-900, la marque de Malcolm Toft a présenté 4 pédales d'effets pour la basse.

Images Bassics Tone Ranger

  • Bassics Tone Ranger

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