Taylor 814ce
Taylor 814ce

814ce, Guitare Folk / Western électro-acoustique de la marque Taylor appartenant à la série 800.

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Taylor 814ce
The Taylor 814 CE was made in the USA and is an acoustic/electric guitar.  The guitar has a built in pick up and has three knobs for controlling your volume and tone.  In every way, this is a beautiful guitar.


The feel of the Taylor 814 CE is absolutely outstanding.  The neck is quite fluid and the guitar is overall really a pleasure to play.  It feels good on the fingers and it is easy to play any type of music and any type of part on this guitar.  The guitar also has a great look and shape to it while the weight isn't all that heavy.  Getting a good sound is really easy granted you know how to play, no matter if you are using it as strictly an acoustic guitar or as an acoustic/electric.


The sound heard from the Taylor 814 CE is extremely vibrant and sounds great both acoustic and plugged in.  I'm usually not a huge fan of the way acoustic/electric guitars sound when plugged in, but this guitar is a big exception as the pick up sounds great and there is pleanty of control over your tone available.  I've used this guitar mostly for pop and rock music, but it is definitely suitable for any type of music that you would want to use it with.


I first used the Taylor 814 CE about six months ago and it has become one of my favorite guitars that Taylor has to offer.  I mostly play Martin guitars, but the 814 CE is just about as good as any acoustic guitar that I've played.  It has a great sound both acoustically and when plugged in, and has an absolutely stellar look with a beautiful inlay.  The price of the guitar is quite expensive but is designed for professionals looking for top notch tone regardless of the price.  If you are looking for an incredible acoustic/electric guitar that will last forever, the Taylor 814 CE needs to be considered!