National Dobro
National Dobro

Dobro, Guitare à résonateur de la marque National.

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National Dobro
The National Dobro guitar has about twenty frets and since it is indeed a dobro, it has no pick ups or anything like that - it relies on the resonators to get its sound.  It has the standard make up in terms of its resonator and beyond this there isn't too much more that can be said about the guitars characteristics.


Overall, the National Dobro is a pleasure to play.  While you can play it without a slide, I pretty much always use one unless I'm going for a certain sound.  I'm pretty sure that National makes both a square neck dobro and one like a regular guitar, but the one that I use is like a regular guitar.  Its definitely pretty easy to get a nice sound from this guitar if you like the way this guitar sounds to begin with and granted you can play slide guitar.  It has a nice warm sound that is pretty much impossible to get without using a real dobro guitar.


I can't sayt that I have any complaints about the way this guitar sounds, even though I have certainly heard better sounding dobro guitars.  It definitely has the dobro sound and vibe and really sounds great for recording because you can pick up all of its subtleties.  For the price that you are getting this guitar at, the National Dobro has a great sound and I really can't complain at all about it.


When I first got interested in dobro guitars a few years ago, the National Dobro was one of the first ones that I played.  It turned out to be a perfect introduction into the world of dobro guitars and now I really can't get enough of their sound.  If you are looking to get into playing dobro, the National Dobro is a great place to start because it is a great instrument at a great price.  Overall, the National Dobro is a great guitar and unless you are willing to spend a heck of a lot more, this is about as good as you can find.