Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994]
Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994]

RG550 [1987-1994], Guitare de forme SC de la marque Ibanez appartenant à la série RG Standard.

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Par Laww_22 le 21/09/2020 - Expire dans 52 jours
Localité : Annecy, Rhône-Alpes ( France France)
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I purchased a guitar from a private seller in June. Sadly, I have to report it as missing/stolen from the depot on its way from Annecy (France) to Madrid (Spain).
Is not really the carrier's intention (GLS) to pay me for what is worth.
I keep track of guitars that pop up on marketplaces, but I have no way to figure out if the guitar was sold locally (most likely around the Annecy area, but you never know...)
It's an Ibanez RG550 Laser Blue, and the serial is F019513.
I would really appreciate if someone reads it and spread the word around the french-speaking gear selling communities,since I don't speak a word of french.

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Ibanez RG550 [1987-1994]