Serato Scratch Live
Serato Scratch Live

Scratch Live, Logiciel DJ de la marque Serato appartenant à la série Scratch Live.

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FP User01/11/2008

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Serato Scratch Live
The features are great-I love them.Especially being able to instantly make a double of the file being played.Just click and drag to the opposite virtual turntable and you have doubles. Another feature that I think is very dope-but I haven't used yet-is being able to hook up a microphone to the interface,record your vocals into SSL, save them and then instantly be able to scratch and cut them....ALL ON THE FLY!!! The only thing I wish Rane would have added is a feature to allow you to record and convert to mp3 your vinyl collection all in SSL. Stanton Final Scratch has this feature I believe. That's why I give a 9 in the features department.



Basically plug and play. Of course you have to install the software and allow your computer to detect the new hardware-the interface-but after that it's instant plug and play every time. Very simple.The instructions in the user's manual are very clear and easy to understand and they provide you with schematics to show you how to connect everything. I also recommend running this software with nothing less than a P4 or Powerbook. I currently use a Toshiba Satellite A65 notebook with a Pentium 4 processor and an 80 gig hard drive.


Basically the only part that is liable to be damaged is the interface. But no problems with that. And I play out just about every weekend at different clubs,parties and a radio station. So it gets moved around alot. Plus I use it in my studio alot. I have had just ONE incident where the software froze up on me. But I think it was my processor freaking out over the buffering rate I was using.I simply closed SSL and then opened it back up. No more problems.

The sound quality depends on how good the sound from your mp3 files are. If you have bad files then you will have bad sound quality. Making sure you have quality sounding mp3 files is key to the overall sonic quality.Other than the occasional bad mp3 file the sound quality is GREAT!


I LOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!!!!! One of my best purchases ever. Because of SSL I can keep up with new music so much better and faster.I can play and promote local artists who would have never been able to press their music to vinyl and I can scratch and blend my own tracks. But most importantly it cuts down on the amount of vinyl I have to lug around with me and it still allows me to use my turntables in the digital realm.

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