Seymour Duncan TB-5 Duncan Custom
Seymour Duncan TB-5 Duncan Custom

TB-5 Duncan Custom, Micro humbucker pour guitare de la marque Seymour Duncan appartenant à la série High Output Humbuckers.

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ejendres 10/11/2011

Seymour Duncan TB-5 Duncan Custom : l'avis de ejendres (contenu en anglais)

« One of my Favorites. »

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I had been looking for a new pickup for my Edwards LP, since I'm not a fan of the Duncan JB that it came with. I tried a couple different pickups but as soon as I put the Duncan Custom in it I knew it was the right one. I just nailed everything I was looking for in this guitar.

For cleans it is pretty cool. Since it is not a super high output pickup it cleans up really nice. It’s a pretty warm pickup, which I really like for clean. It’s warm but still retains that bridge humbucker bite, makes for a really unique clean tone. Personally, I usually use the neck pickup for cleans so it is not a big deal to me either way, but it is nice to know that I can use it to get cool clean tones in a pinch.

For crunch stuff this pickup is all kinds of amazing. It is so crunchy with a lot of punch, I love it. My other guitar has a really high output pickup in it so I had been looking something that really shined for mid gain stuff, and this does it in spades. It is also not overly compressed so the single notes really pop, especially on the low strings. It has great clarity. It really captures that classic Les Paul tone without being muddy at all. I love it.

This pickup sound awesome for high gain too. Everything about I said about the mid gain stuff holds true, it is more open than a typical high gain pickup and really crunchy and punchy. One thing that surprised me was how nice and tight it is. It’s tight without being overly compressed. It really is a great sounding pickup, and quickly became one of my favorites.