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Tous les avis sur Neumann KMS 105 notés 4/5

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L'avis de prosonochristophe"Neumann... Ok..."

Neumann KMS 105
Pour de la scène live, les voix lead essentiellement. J'ai eu l'occasion de tester le produit en même temps sur 3 type de voix, et on l'a depuis déjà quelques mois. On as pus tester quelque micros type Beta87, Sm58, KSM9, Sennheiser... C'est un micro qui offre un son très rond (voir un peu trop). J'ai été quand même un peu dessus par son manque de brillance relativement bien balancé par une bonne précision, mais surtout j'ai remarqué une très forte sensibilité à l'effet de proximité, j'avais pus le lire sur les forum entre autre, mais quand même! Niveau réjection du son RAS, c'est dans les clous. Après, il convient de préciser que notre console est une Ilive, déjà très "English Sound", je pense que l'avis des Yam User serais probablement différent. Sinon, des que l'on connait un peu le produit et que l'on as le temps de jouer de l'Eq, le son est très bon, bien que je le répète, il ne convient pas à toute les voix.
En règle général je préfère le KSM9, mais selon les voix, le KMS105 sonne mieux. On restera sur le prorata suivant du moin dans notre parque 2 KSM9 pour 1 KMS105 ;)
Mon avis définitif? Un très bon micro bien entendue, "mais"...

L'avis de azaza

Neumann KMS 105
Quelqu'un a-t-il utilisé le KMS 105 sur autre chose qu'une voix? Et pour quel résultat?


Je l'ai moi même testé sur une contrebasse et un accordéon, avec satisfaction...
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L'avis de James... (contenu en anglais)"I just hope you can sing good"

Neumann KMS 105
In terms of dynamic mics, this is a pretty high tech design, with a 4 layer filter and a fairly high performance spec. You definitely get your money's worth in technology. The clarity of the 105, especially for a live dynamic microphone, is pretty unbelievable. It's highly sensitive to placement and mic technique. It will reveal more about a singer than just about any mic I've used. Some people have said that the response curve is similar to a beta 87 but I have not heard a similarity in the real world. The 87 has a more peaky mid range and is a bit more prone to feedback with a bad PA. I feel like the 105 has a warmness to it that a lot of "clear" live dynamic mics lack. It doesn't have that imbalance between clearness and smoothness that is so present in cheaper dynamic vocal mics.

The thing is, if your singer isn't very talented and well educated on how to use a mic, this one will show it. If you have a good system to go with it and a good singer, this might be the best live vocal mic out there. When used in a good environment and with a singer I trust, I have been blown away by this thing. I wish more places I played had them. If I see these in a venue I breath a sigh of relief. Because I know whoever is running sound probably know what he's doing...you would have to if you want to get the most out of these.


I recommend you try this with your own setup against your favorite shure/akg/whatever and make sure it's to your liking. Not everyone will think the 105 is worth the cash. Personally I think it is but we're speaking about diminishing returns here. As far as reliability I have never had an issue but I baby the 3 I have. I've used them elsewhere and they all seem solid. This is a real sleeper to a lot of people and I really recommend you wake up and get one.
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L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Neumann KMS 105
The Neumann KMS 105 is a condenser microphone typically used in a live setting, but also sounds good in the studio. I believe it is designed for on stage use and built for touring, however it also works really well in a studio setting, especially for people recording live in a room together who want a mic that has the sound quality of a Neumann and the flexibility to block out outside noise when a singer puts their mouth right up on the mic. It also comes in either a nice silver color or straight black, both of which look pretty cool with the Neumann logo on it.


I first used the Neumann KMS 105 about 2 years ago. I have only used it in the studio for recording sessions where the band was all playing live in a single room. It is good at blocking out other noise and has a rich tone to it. It is well built and has the Neumann seal so you know you're going to get a nice microphone. I have seen it used mostly on stage for live performances for those who want to bring the Neumann sound to the stage. Since it is built for the stage, it can probably withstand the trials of bringing it on the road and using it ever night. It is nice to have a Neumann built microphone that is in such a sturdy case and can be brought around. It is a bit pricey for those just looking for a microphone to bring to gigs, and I would honestly rather get the 5 SM58s that I could get for the same price. While these are reliable, sound good and are well made, for the price there are other mics I would rather spend my money on - both in the live and the recording realm.