Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
Native Instruments Elektrik Piano

Elektrik Piano, Piano électrique virtuel de la marque Native Instruments.

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FP User01/11/2008

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Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
The features are pretty good. There are different parameters that you can adjust per preset that you load. Cool to get a variety, but sometimes you want certain effects on other presets. Not difficult to work around though since you can process it later.

price paid: $125

This is very easy to use and navigate with. I've had no problems finding what I need.


The sound quality is really impressive. I haven't used any other "quality" rhodes plug-ins but this has the exact smoothness I've been looking for. I do seem to get a bit of artifacts though, although i'm running over the recommended PC components to run this.

As i mentioned before, I still get artifacts when using this but it's not too much of a problem with the style of music I do. HOWEVER.. I'm having major problems having this export correctly. I can make a song and everything will play beautifully minus the occassional barely noticeable artifact... but when exporting, the whole song will export fine and most of the elektrik piano part will export too. It cuts out though!! I've mainly noticed it cuts out whenever the piano has to sustain at any reasonable length. It may be a chord that sustains 3/4 of a beat and on the last quarter note it will cut out abruptly. I've been troubleshooting this for days now and I cant get customer support from NI because their site is down at the moment. Even when the site was up, the links to their product support dont seem to load. Not sure whats up with this, but this product would be amazing if this little part was fixed.


I would give this a 10 if the above was resolved somehow.

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Posted by: DefOne4Lyfe ( 4-, 2006)
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Native Instruments Elektrik Piano
This installed with no problems on my system. It was really a breeze to get it up and running. Since it's a synth and not a sample-based plug you don't have to copy over huge amounts of library data. Installation takes about 2 minutes, and then you have to verify your serial which is pretty simple. All you really need to do as far as configuration is to make sure you have your MIDI channel selected correctly for your MIDI controller if you are using one. Other than that you just need to make sure your DAW adds the plug to its VST database (most do automatically). The manual that Native Instruments provides is very thorough and detailed so if you have questions they are very likely answered there.


My computer is a custom built PC that is running Windows XP. It has a high end Intel processor and plenty of RAM. I am using Cubase for my DAW. This plug should install in the VST format if your system is PC based. This software does use a little bit of CPU, about 3% on my meter with a very fast processor. Luckily this doesn't take up huge amounts of RAM like sample-based plug-ins do though, so that resource stays free for other plugs. This one is very stable, it doesn't ever crash as far as I know.


I have been using this for a few months now - just recently got it. I really love the sound of it - it's like having a Rhodes piano in your computer! Obviously it doesn't sound exactly like the real thing, but this is by far the best approximation I have heard in a digital plug-in. In addition, this plug offers far more flexibility than a real Rhodes does. You can very quickly and easily modify the sound to get it to suit your production better, whereas with a real one that would often be impossible. When you consider that this is also a tiny fraction of the price of the real thing, this does seem like an incredible value. I definitely recommend this plug, unless you can afford a bunch of different sounding Rhodes pianos in your studio. I would get it again.