Ircam IrcaMax 2

Ircam IrcaMax 2

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IrcaMax 2, Effet ou traitement logiciels divers de la marque Ircam.

Prix public : 149 € TTC
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Fiche technique Ircam IrcaMax 2

  • Fabricant : Ircam
  • Modèle : IrcaMax 2
  • Catégorie : Effets et traitements logiciels divers
  • Fiche créée le : 17/12/2015

collection of Max for Live devices designed to process the audio in Ableton Live through Eight audio effects, two instruments and one MIDI effect

  • IM-PsychHarmonizer: Vocal harmonizer allowing separation and manipulation of monophonic vocal sounds.
  • IM-Freezer: Freezing effect that lets you create sound textures by freezing, scrolling and stretching live or pre-recorded sounds.
  • IM-Ianalyzer: A real time polyphonic Audio to MIDI converter that lets you manipulate and resynthesise a signal’s psychoacoustic properties – and capture and reuse the resulting data as MIDI.
  • IM-NoteTracker: A Real time Audio to MIDI converter that extracts a signal's estimated pitch and amplitude and converts them to MIDI note components.
  • IM-Chromax: A spectral delay that converts chords into harmonics models, whose set of consisting frequencies can be further transformed, and used to define delay, feedback and filter shapes. 
  • IM-ModalysFilter: Uses the revered IRCAM Modalys engine to filter the signal with physical modelling processes.
  • IM-GrainDelay: A grain delay effect that can be synchronized to Live’s tempo and used with the IRCAMAX MIDI Send/Receive device to receive MIDI notes that control transpositions of the grains.
  • IM-MultiFX: Four effects in one – delay, reverb, chorus and auto pan –  that can be used as a simple FX box tool for all your synths.
  • IM-Midi Send/Receive: Whether coming from a MIDI clip or the result of audio analysis of an audio track, these devices let you send and receive MIDI data between any IRCAMAX device within a Live Set.
  • IM-ModalysSynth: A polyphonic synthesizer based on IRCAMs flagship Modalys physical modeling engine – technology with over 20 years of research and refinement.
  • IM-MatrixSynth: A 3-oscillator, 3-envelope polyphonic synthesizer with a multimode filter and flexible modulation matrix.
12 Max Devices, 75 Presets, 4 Live Sets

News Ircam IrcaMax 2

L’IrcaMax pour Live passe en v2

L’IrcaMax pour Live passe en v2

10 Publiée le 17/12/15
L’Ircam a mis à jour sa suite de processeurs audio et instruments virtuels Max for Live pour Ableton Live 9. Voici l’IrcaMax 2.

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