Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII
Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII

TG Channel MKII, Préampli à transistors de la marque Chandler Limited appartenant à la série TG.

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Vend Preampli/equalizer Chandler Limited TG Channel MK1 "Abbey Road Edition"avec alimentation Chandler PSU-1 : 1 250 €

Par Gratciel le 09/11/2019 - Expire dans 85 jours
Localité : Paris, Ile-de-France ( France France)
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Studio vend Preampli/equalizer Chandler Limited TG Channel MK 1 avec alimentation Chandler PSU-1 et cable d'alimentation. Le tout en parfait état, utilisé en studio non-fumeurs uniquement.
Il s'agit du modèle original "Abbey Road Edition".

A single-channel mic preamp and EQ based on the classic EMI TG-series console electronics made famous in the 1970s. Hand built to high standards, the Chandler Channel invokes a recognisable sound character while allowing precise tonal control and shaping.
Full, rich, and airy vintage sound.
Great ergonomics, simple controls.
Smooth, musical, and flexible EQ.
Hand-wired and well built.
Classic transistor circuitry with passive EQ.
Transformer input and output.
This is a well-built channel unit with a versatile front end and a marvellous EQ section, combined with a full, rich, and airy sound character. Transparent is not a word that can be applied here, but the TG Channel's characteristics are nothing if not flattering and musical. The EQ is sublime in its tonal quality, allowing the key fundamental and harmonics elements of any source to be manipulated easily and creatively, and even extreme settings remain usable. Given its classic form of construction, it's not surprising this is a relatively expensive unit in the UK, yet it compares very favourably to other vintage and high-end units and offers an unusual blend of features and characteristics. If you are looking for something to inject real character and tonal controllability into your recordings, this could be just the box you have been looking for.


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Chandler Limited TG Channel MKII