Perfectone NT3101

Perfectone NT3101

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Fiche technique Perfectone NT3101

  • Fabricant : Perfectone
  • Modèle : NT3101
  • Catégorie : Préamplis à transistors
  • Fiche créée le : 30/01/2018

The Perfectone mixer is designed to combine the outputs of up to three microphones prior to recording, and also to provide monitoring and cueing facilities. The mixer is similar in form and weight EP 6A recorder, with which it is designed to be used. It can also be operated with any other recorder of suitable input impedance. It is intended to work into the recorder either directly or via a line not more than about 100 yards long. 

The mixer has three microphone input channels, the first of which also incorporates a cue-microphone circuit. Each channel includes switched controls for high-frequency lift and low-frequency attenuation, and the common output circuit includes a switchable mid-frequency lift or "presence" control.

A two-frequency oscillator is incorporated for checking purposes. Monitoring facilities domprise a V.U. meter and a monitor amplifier the input of which is switchable to the output of the mixer or recorder. The monitor amplifier has two outputs, which may be used for local listening, for connection to a sound boom for cueing or with an external loudspeaker unit.

The mixer employs transistors throughout, and is designed to derive a stabilised-voltage supply from a primary or secondary type internal battery.

The mixer, like the recorder, can be operated slung or in any position, but as it`s leads emerge from the rear like those of the recorder, it can not stand on a flat surface with it`s face panel vertical. The lid of the mixer, unlike that of the recorder, is in one piece and must be completely removed before operation, as it is fitted with a safety peg which disconnects the battery when the lid is in place.


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