Harrison Consoles Mixbus 32C 4

Harrison Consoles Mixbus 32C 4

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Mixbus 32C 4, Séquenceur généraliste de la marque Harrison Consoles.

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Fiche technique Harrison Consoles Mixbus 32C 4

  • Fabricant : Harrison Consoles
  • Modèle : Mixbus 32C 4
  • Catégorie : Séquenceurs généralistes
  • Fiche créée le : 20/01/2017

Version 4 de la STAN de Harrison Consoles 32C pour Mac OS X et Windows

latest-generation “True Analog Mixing” engine, which has been updated with new features including a stereo width knob on the console mix-buses. Continuous development of the sound of Mixbus is what sets Harrison apart in the DAW landscape. Our users report that Mixbus is the fastest way to get a great professional-quality mix. And version 4 is going to make it even easier!

Mixbus’s new & updated GUI answers user’s requests for a single-window interface, and it allows the transport controls to appear above the mixer. The new “mini-timeline” allows fast & easy locating directly from any view. The transport controls have been streamlined, and now provide user-configuration to hide & show the elements that are needed during the different stages of production: recording, arranging, editing, mixing and mastering.

Global controls for track's input-monitoring, as well as improved support for pre-roll recording and several UI improvements, greatly improve the usefulness of Mixbus for tracking a live band. Combined with the new “tempo ramps” feature (described below),  Mixbus is the new standard for live multi-track band recordings!

Mixbus v4 includes a wide range of user-requested improvements and fixes. A comprehensive redesign of keyboard shortcuts, preferences, and window-management makes Mixbus more friendly to users of other DAWs.  Mixbus can now load VST plugins on Mac (in addition to AU and LV2), allowing for better Mac-to-Windows-to-Linux sharing of sessions. Multi-output virtual instruments are now easier to setup.

Tempo Ramps: following a comprehensive redesign of tempo and meter conventions, Mixbus allows the user to elegantly add tempo markers on a live show; and the tempo will smoothly ramp to follow natural tempo changes. This feature can dramatically speed-up your editing and mixing process without robbing a performance of its natural timing.

VCA Faders: Channels may be assigned to an “unlimited” number of VCAs, allowing the user to control a snare drum from 3 VCA faders: the snare, drum, and all-instruments VCA groups (for example). This unparalleled flexibility is derived from Harrison’s large-format console VCA implementation.

Lua Scripting: A comprehensive new scripting engine has been added which allows users to write simple scripts to modify their sessions. Scripts may be triggered from events ( such as “on transport stop” ). Similar to macros from Harrison’s large-format consoles, a Lua script can trigger a sequence of actions. For example: a provided example script sets all channel faders to unity, while inserting a “trim” plugin before each fader with the fader’s previous value. User’s Lua scripts may be triggered from keyboard shortcuts or buttons. You can even write your own DSP or MIDI processing plugins as lua scripts!

Continuing our collaboration with the Ardour open-source community, Mixbus v4 is session-file compatible with other Ardour-based workstations: Ardour5, Waves Tracks Live, and the newly-announced iZ Session. This unprecedented level of inter-application support is largely due to Harrison's continued funding and support of open-source development.  Harrison’s proprietary plugins, including the new Spectral Compressorand Drum Character plugins, are now available separately for LV2 hosts like Ardour5 and iZ Session.


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L'avis de furansujin91"Une excellente STAN"

Harrison Consoles Mixbus 32C 4
Tourne super bien sur mac os 10.9
Interface claire et précise. mixage analogique. Pas besoin de créer des bus auxiliaires, routage des pistes vers les bus auxiliaires très simple. Mixage plus intuitif. Les Vu mètres sont très utiles. Chaque jour on trouve que des bons points. Super produit bravo harrison. Pas de demo pour l essayer

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