Synthstrom Audible Deluge

Deluge, Séquenceur hardware de la marque Synthstrom Audible.

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Commentaires sur la news : Le Synthstrom Deluge en vente et avec une surprise



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Vie après AF ?

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101 Posté le 26/11/2016 à 12:04:18
Citation :
- Pas de vélocité sur les pads. Pas cool pour une machine soit disant autonome. Même le circuit fait ça...

t'es sur? sur la matrice ok mais ceux à droite?
pour les autres points, à chacun de voir si c'est rédhibitoire ou pas, je contredis pas ce que tu dis mais ne pas oublier que c'est plus une machine axée performance/sequencing, c'est pas une machine de sound design;)
pour le manque de controle, ça aurait alourdit le prix et la machine, je pense...
tu me la mets de coté si ça te plait pas:oops2:

PK crew( à l'abandon) / Mixcloud / 3'ks

N'ayez pas peur de vivre une vie que les autres ne comprennent pas!

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102 Posté le 26/11/2016 à 12:57:47
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Changing note velocity
The deluge’s pads are not velocity-sensitive, but notes created as part of a sequence may have their velocity manually edited. To do this, hold down the pad corresponding to a note and turn the encoder. The right-most two columns of pads will act as a level-meter to indicate the note’s velocity. During this function, you may also press any of these pads to jump straight to a velocity level.

Je n'ai rien trouvé d'autre à ce sujet...

tu es

tu es
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103 Posté le 26/11/2016 à 19:07:15
C'est du foutage de gueule, surtout à ce prix la ...
Non mais ...
Non ...
Ah, c'est cela la surprise en fête :idee2:

... ..

Rien de mieux qu'une bonne paire d'enceintes pour assurer la pérénité de l'espèce.

Signé: Le Petit Condriaque AudioFanzine sans PUBlicité


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104 Posté le 06/03/2017 à 23:03:27
Il n'y a pas de news?


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105 Posté le 07/03/2017 à 07:24:34
Ce ne sont pas des pro de la comm.
Assez étrange, ils l'ont présentés au CES en janvier. Mais rien sur les salons dédiées à la zic...


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106 Posté le 10/03/2017 à 17:37:47

Au niveau com, tout se passe via mails directs aux acheteurs et la boite est plutôt transparente icon_cool.gif

Le firmware évolue sans cesse tandis que les premières dates de livraison ont pris un peu de retard:

"Hello everyone.


Major update. Some bummer news and good news.


We took our production promise extremely seriously and have done everything we can do to make that promise a reality. Due to a change in production facility midway after finding it untenable to continue working with a company we initially partnered, it slowed that down - it still looked like we were going to make our original deadline of late March, but unfortunately even though we tried everything we could, a few days ago it was clear we’ll miss that deadline by a few weeks.


We prided ourselves on our due diligence and having everything set-in-place and production times tested before we embarked on this, but we couldn’t foresee just how useless one of the legs of the process would be. I take full responsibility for it as it was a company I suggested we work with, only to find they wasted months of our time over the past year and we ended up going back to the original PCB company Rohan has used right from the start to build all his prototypes. We have a new production timeline detailed below for an April shipping date which we will update each step of the way. There are also details of where we are currently at, plus also some much better news.


As well as quality control over the whole process, Rohan hasn’t stopped tweaking the firmware this whole time and we have uploaded a video below to show some of the new features he has implemented over the past couple of months, (shown in a new video HERE - password: timeline, please don't share the videos) including:

  • Load up a song to begin seamlessly after the currently-playing one finishes a loop
  • Brightness control 
  • Sample start / end times can now be more easily edited, as decimal-point numbers (not to mention that there's a shortcut to easily get to these params)
  • Sidechain compressor shape control - tailor how much "punch" you get
  • FM feedback - really adds a lot of sonic possibilities to the FM synthesis engine
  • Track-position-indicator while recording in keyboard mode
  • Ability to switch off blinking cursor
  • Shortcut system gives quick visual indication of modulation sources active per parameter

We put ourselves in your position and imagined how stink this would be to hear after months of waiting already that Deluge is being delayed a further few weeks, so to try and go some way towards making it up, we’ve worked out a couple of things.

1)     Rohan is going to make the most of these extra few weeks and implement two major new features which most users have requested and will make it a hugely more powerful device:

  • Midi CC send
  • "Song" Mode

As with the above new already-completed features, these will be included on the firmware when you receive your device.

2) We would like to offer everybody a little bonus as another way of expressing how sorry we are. You can choose from two options, either receiving a second (spare) battery or a printed manual. We will email you soon asking you preference.

Our new production schedule is below, we will update the private Facebook users group within 24 hours of these below dates with news. If you are not a member of the private Facebook group you can check our progress and videos of the new features and parts as assembled so far HERE  (password: timeline)

  • Now – All parts arrived, pre-assembly preparation completed, PCBs in production.
  • March 23rd - Enclosures completed
  • March 26th - PCB assembly / soldering commences
  • April 12th - Assembled PCBs received at mechanical assembly facility
  • April 20th - Final assembly finished and Deluges packaged
  • April 21-24th - Deluges shipped – furthest destinations shipped first.

People have been asking to see more photos and production updates, unfortunately we can’t really show you much more. We moved production of the PCBs to a new (old) manufacturer and don’t have photographic access and other than the production of the enclosures which we have been showing along the way and the final assembly process which we can show you footage of after that April 12th date, we can’t really show you much else – We have all the parts already as you can see in one of the videos, everything is ready and waiting for the assembled PCBs to arrive so we can get these to everyone pronto.


We’ll stick up a few more video updates of software as Rohan finishes these new features, but you’ll need to wait till mid April to see the photos of the assembly.


We can totally understand everyone’s frustration, it’s been a long, long wait as it is, I also apologise profusely myself to Rohan for recommending this alternate PCB manufacturer as they really messed us up and led to this – frustratingly, we were ahead of schedule as well.


Other news:

Overlays, after some tests (one of which you can see in the shortcut demo video), our final is in production at the moment and we will have in NZ at the same time as the enclosure completion – in line with our original production schedule.


Dust Covers – the dust covers have already been made and are currently being shipped to us, again in line with our original production schedule, however, now that we are pushing back shipping a few weeks there is an opportunity potentially for people who didn’t order initially to order one and have it still be shipped in April. You can view the covers here, if you would like to order one ($60USD), please email me immediately. They will be available to order later as well, but will incur additional shipping if not purchased now.


Hard carrying cases – I have been exploring this the past while and have found a really quality affordable case I love, however I am not happy with the foam yet. To get a mold made up requires us settling on everyone having the same needs – my preference is to get the adaptable foam option so people can customize (a little), however, I am yet to settle precisely on this.

I will have details on this and costings before we ship so you can decide if you want us to ship one to you with your Deluge in April.


Printed Manuals – We will continually update the manual online, but if you do wish to get yours printed we can do that, they will be 64pages plus cover, perfect bound, nice little books. We are actually offering these as free as part of our apology for the delay, but if you’d like to order additional, you can do so at $10USD each.

Bare in mind the manual is as of the firmware we ship with the unit, it will likely be out-of-date very quickly, for updates you’ll need to refer to the online version.


Shipping address – We will be in touch with everyone shortly to confirm your shipping address for April and also to check your preference for a free spare battery or manual.


Please accept my sincere apologies for the lateness, email me if this causes any major nuisances. Thank you for your support and understanding."


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107 Posté le 17/04/2017 à 08:58:49
Citation de Lovelygroove :
Au niveau com, tout se passe via mails directs aux acheteurs et la boite est plutôt transparente 

La transparence est réservée à ceux qui l'ont commandé? Et ceux qui hésitent ou attendent d'autres démos, ils se grattent?
Désolé, pour moi c'est plutôt opaque...


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108 Posté le 21/04/2017 à 22:46:05

C'est vrai qu'ils pourraient étoffer davantage leur site...sinon il y a la page facebook "deluge users" qui est assez active.

El Tom-John

El Tom-John
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109 Posté le 05/05/2017 à 10:47:21
qui de vous a craquer ?

le plus gros virus sur un ordinateur c'est son utilisateur

       respect existence Or expect resistance


- bonjour! je voudrais un microprocesseur.


- un quoi?

- un micro pour ta soeur ?




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110 Posté le 05/05/2017 à 11:30:16
Craqué? Comment craqué sur un produit dont on ne sait pas grand chose?
On peut actuellement s'inscrire sur la liste d'attente pour les prochaines ventes mais on ne sait même pas le prix!
De plus, si il faut un compte facebook alors ça sera sans moi. C"est un peu dommage car sur le papier elle a quelques atouts intéressants...
Les Squarp ont réussis à lancer une nouvelle marque avec un produit innovant aussi. Mais pas avec la même communication...
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