Hercules Stands GS525B

GS525B, Stand Guitare & Basse de la marque Hercules Stands.

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Durée : 06:34 - Langue : en - Ajoutée par Corbo-Billy le 26 mars 2018 à 09:37:04

Multiple Guitar Stand Hercules GS525B Review

Thank you for watching my Multiple Guitar Stand Hercules GS525B Review video.

Whether or not the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack is the best multiple guitar stand or not, is something I can’t answer. As I mentioned in the video, I love this product but to be fair, so far it’s the only one of this kind I ever had. So, for me just categorically saying this is the best guitar stand out there, would be unsubstantiated.

I actually never looked into guitar stands for multiple guitars. Up until recently when I faced the issue that the size of my music room was not adequate any more to the ever growing number of new guitars I kept getting. So, I needed a solution that allowed me to securely store my guitars while also taking up a little real estate as possible in my room. In other words, I needed a space saver that could hold 5 guitars or more. That’s when I started some research on “multiple guitar stand reviews’ and the Hercules 5 guitar stand came back on top of the list.

For an item to get a few hundred 5-star reviews on amazon is pretty rare. Usually, people always find something they are not satisfied with. But it seemed that regarding the Hercules GS525B was well liked by virtually everybody. So I gave it a shot and ordered myself one. And as you can tell from my Hercules GS525B review video, I am thrilled with my purchase.

The Hercules GS525B guitar stand can comfortably hold 5 acoustic guitars. With that being said, it can easily accommodate 10 electric guitars. There certainly is enough space. However, this guitar stand only comes with 5 yokes, so if you want to use more than five guitars, you would need to purchase the additional yokes separately.

With only 13lbs, the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack is a lightweight. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not of sturdy built. Whether you out only a couple of guitars on it or a whole bunch of instruments, the rack seems to be very robust and I’m not worried about my guitars.

The GS525B by Hercules is 40 inches wide and about 28 inches high. The bottom part slides up easily which then allows you to collapse the whole construction which makes it easy for transportation purposes. Also, I forgot to mention that the yokes have little sluts which serve as guitar pick holders.
At a price point of roughly $70 the Hercules GS525B five-instrument guitar rack is not a cheap accessory, but nonetheless well worth the investment in my opinion. It is very economical in terms of saving space and serving as a reliable yet handy multiple guitar stand.

I can only highly recommend this product for you. Also, I hope you found my Multiple Guitar Stand Hercules GS525B Review helpful. Should I have failed to answer any questions, don’t hesitate to post a comment below. Thank you.

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