Flower Pedals Dandelion

Flower Pedals Dandelion

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Dandelion, Tremolo guitare de la marque Flower Pedals.

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Fiche technique Flower Pedals Dandelion

  • Fabricant : Flower Pedals
  • Modèle : Dandelion
  • Catégorie : Tremolos guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 01/05/2018

Do you love those little fuzzies floating on a summer breeze?  Take a listen to the Dandelion Tremolo!  It’s an analog optical tremolo with digital controls.  As you may know, there are two different types of tremolo, standard and harmonic.  The Dandelion has both, with 3 voicings for the harmonic tremolo.  Harmonic tremolo stems from classic amps of the past with a warbly, almost vibrato like feel.  Standard tremolo is what most guitarists think of when they think of tremolo: varying the volume up and down.  

The Dandelion is feature rich in a small package.  It features silent relay switching and tap tempo as well as controls for Boost, Depth, Speed, Shape, Type, Voicing, and Double tremolo.  Secondary Speed and Depth controls for the double tremolo are also available by holding down the tap tempo footswitch.  Now you be asking, what is double tremolo?  In double tremolo mode, the frequency of the tremolo effect is varied based on a second frequency and depth (there’s those secondary controls I talked about earlier).  The Shape knob allow you to choose between a ramp, triangle, sine, or square wave, as well as all the mixtures in between, giving you lots of options to work with.  Boost lets you control how much volume you want added to the effect, which comes in handy since tremolo is a subtractive effect.  The tap tempo switch sets the frequency of the effect to a quarter note tap.  If you hold down the tap switch, the speed will brake down to minimum value and then ramp back up when released.  Expression control for the Speed is also available via a jack on the side.  But I can only say so much.  Take a listen to our demo video, or go plant a Dandelion in your own pedal garden!

The Dandelion operates on 9V center negative, with less than 100 mA.


Vidéos Flower Pedals Dandelion

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