Artificial Noise Cimmerian caves V2

Artificial Noise Cimmerian caves V2

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Cimmerian caves V2, Delay / écho de la marque Artificial Noise.

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Fiche technique Artificial Noise Cimmerian caves V2

  • Fabricant : Artificial Noise
  • Modèle : Cimmerian caves V2
  • Catégorie : Delays / échos
  • Fiche créée le : 07/08/2019

Echo/Vibrato/Chorus + Fuzz effects


Dark, warbly and tape-like. Dense modulating echo's. Thick, woolly tube-like distortion. Definitely NOT one of those sterile clean delays, but warm and full of character.

Consisting of a tape-like Echo unit (approx. 925ms max delay time) which, depending on the setting can also be used as Vibrato or Chorus. Along with the Echo effect there is also a thick and woolly Fuzz/distortion. Highly tweak-able with 8 knobs, Cimmerian Caves is a hybrid of analog and digital circuitry. Utilizing a digital delay to get a nice long echo (nearly one full second), with the remaining circuitry all analog, including the Low-Pass filters, modulations and fuzz to create a stange, otherworldly sounding effect.

Along with the standard line level 1/4" inputs and outputs, the Cimmerian Caves V2 also has 1/8" modular inputs and outputs. These allow for the 'hotter' Eurorack signals to be used with the Cimmerian Caves, lowering the input to avoid distortion and raising the output level back to the hotter modular signal.

Cimmerian Caves works great with synthesizers and drum machines, but it also works perfectly well with guitar and bass!


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