Astuce : Editeur microQ - PC (Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP)

Par Shamk le 10/05/2005 - (Tout public)
Besoin d'editer votre microQ sur votre PC (Microsoft Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP) ?

Telecharger donc l'editeur :

*** FREEWARE ***

-->Telechargement chez norsez

A free editor for Waldorf Micro Q OS1.12 and OS1.14 (May 7, 2001)

Features :

Edit and see all patch parameters on one page
Operate both in Single and Multi mode
Edit Single data in the Multi mode setup
Retrieve data from Micro Q while editing
Use your computer keyboard to play while edit patches
All operations are done on buffer (No accidental loss of your data)

-->Telechargement mQ knobs freeware

- Now your midi settings will be stored in an INI file. Once you have setup your midi parameters you do not have to enter them on startup again and again
- Bendrange and keytrack is supported now
- FM support for OSC1
- Noise generator included
- More parameters for filter settings
- Octave change included
- Better knob handling with two user adjustable speeds (via Shift button)
- Fully compatible with "mQknobs pro 3.0" mqs files.

*** Commercial ***

Telechargement chez soundtower

Features :

On-line and Off-line editing.
Complete editing and implementation of ALL Q parameters.

Cubase 5.x and SX patch script generation .
Cakewalk INS - Instrument definition files.

Sound, Mix, Arp and Pattern Librarians with drag&drop features .
Random Sound Generation using different algorithms.

Sound, Multi and Librarians with drag&drop features .

Q Sequencer parameters.

Random Sound Generation using four different algorithms.
Editing all 16 Sounds in Mix mode.
Copy and paste of Mixes, Sounds and Instruments.
Excellent Graphical Interface with Drag Envelopes.
Graphical controls to set arp and patterns.
Automatic Keyboard Zone editing by keyboard

Save and Load of Programs (single or extracted from banks)
Import of MID files
Program librarian and Program Bank Manager

Global, Modulation, Editing etc.
Continuous Controllers Tools
PC Flight Joystick and Mouse-Joystick
Virtual Piano
Play notes by computer keyboard keys
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