Pioneer Toraiz Squid
Pioneer Toraiz Squid

Toraiz Squid, Séquenceur hardware de la marque Pioneer.

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Astuce : TO DO: TORAIZ SQUID Firmware Update (Ver.1.10)

Par Florian Groove le 30/05/2019 - (Tout public)

Update importante à faire concernant le SQUID pour la synchro entre les machines !



  • Now compatible with SQUID Manager, the dedicated application to backup SQUID projects, and export / import midi clips .
  • MIDI message settings for Program Change and Bank Select.
  • Delay setting for each track.



  • Keep sequence playback when entering [TIME WARP] mode during sequence playback.
  • Sequence playback speed can be set at [Pattern Speed] in [Pattern Setting].
  •  Receive MIDI messages of Start/Stop/Continue regardless of [Sync Source] setting.



  • Unable to send Restart command to external devices connected to [DIN SYNC OUT] or [CLOCK OUT].
  • The behavior when [IN Sync Mode] setting is [1 step] or [Gate].
  •  Unable to sync when a legacy device (such as TR-808) is connected to [DIN SYNC OUT].