Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

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Paragon Ride 22", Cymbale Ride de la marque Sabian appartenant à la série Paragon.

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Fiche technique Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

  • Fabricant : Sabian
  • Modèle : Paragon Ride 22"
  • Série : Paragon
  • Catégorie : Cymbales Rides
  • Fiche créée le : 01/01/2007

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Sabian Paragon Ride 22" Cymbale Ride Sabian Paragon signature 22’’ 180 € »

Avis utilisateurs Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

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L'avis de BalticWolf"Très bonne pioche !"

Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
Après 8-10 ans, le son n'a toujours pas bougé. Une cymbale assez polyvalente, que j'utilise pour le rock et le métal.
Un dôme très présent, brillant et puissant. C'est d'ailleurs cette caractéristique qui m'a décidé à l'acheter.
Je suis tellement content de cette cymbale que je n'ai jamais éprouvé le besoin de la changer.

L'avis de arnaudrum

Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
Cela fait maintenant 1 an passé que je l'utilise, et c'est un instrument qui est très passe partout, malgré un son un peu typé rock, il tue en jazz et en latin!
Je crois que Tony WILLIAMS l'aurait adopté!
Cette ride PARAGON de 22" est issue de la série HHX, donc elle va bien avec le son de cette série...j'utilise un charley de 14" stage HHX et c'est tip top!
J'utilise des crash thin AA 14" et 16" et 2 splash; une 10"AA et une 12"HH...rien à dire tout est homogène, c'est terrible!
En contexte purement jazz, j'utilise cette même ride 22 avec une Zildjan K constantinople 20" thin ride, ainsi que mon charley de 14 HHX et tout est parfait...
Très bonne ride cette Paragon, merci SABIAN, et merci Neil PEART!

contenu en anglais

L'avis de goodbyebluesky (contenu en anglais)

Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
I've been on a search for the perfect ride, and I think I found it. Problem is- I can't afford it, more on that later. Sabian's Paragon cymbals are made in Canada, just the man behind these cymbals; Neart Peart of Rush. But you don't even have to be a Rush fan to appreciate this line of cymbals.

First of all, I love the size of this cymbal. Its a beast; 22" in diameter and thick, its like 8 pounds so don't drop it on your foot. One you move up to a 22" ride its hard to go back to a 20". Its thickness means you get a really good 'ping' out of it that cuts through like no other ride cymbal I've ever heard.

It also has an incredible shimmery wash that is subtle but definitely there, and can be tapped into even more by how and where in the field you play the cymbal. There is a complexity in the overtones, very musical. I read somewhere that Sabian used a distinctly different lathing technique on the top than the bottom, that might be a contributor to the sweet and complex tones.

This cymbal might be a bit much for those who are used to mellow 20" rides. Its loud, its bright (though not harsh at all), its cutting, and it shimmers while giving excellent stick definition. It's kind of a cymbal that does everything you want without having to make any trade-offs, but be warned it is an overwhelming cymbal.

Now price; this is seriously one expensive cymbal. I haven't seen it under 350.00. Thats a lot of money, but frankly this cymbal does things that nothing in the Hand Hammered line up can do, and outperforms many of my beloved favorites from Paiste. I would like to see this cymbal go head to head with some of the K Kustom line from Zildjian but until then..... this cymbal is worth the money because it surpasses anything I've played to date. Now where's that credit card I have hidden from the wife....

Images Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

  • Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
  • Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
  • Sabian Paragon Ride 22"
  • Sabian Paragon Ride 22"

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