Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

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SteelDrumPercussionRoom, Synthé percussif ou boîte à rythmes virtuel de la marque Sound Dust appartenant à la série Modular Chaos Engine.

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Fiche technique Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

  • Fabricant : Sound Dust
  • Modèle : SteelDrumPercussionRoom
  • Série : Modular Chaos Engine
  • Catégorie : Synthés percussifs ou boîtes à rythmes virtuels
  • Fiche créée le : 29/02/2016

A collection of acoustic drum samples and slightly prepared steel drums for Kontakt

  • 400+ original 24bit binaurally recorded samples.
  • Bang Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered sequencers with 12 tracks of drum hits per sequence - up to 30 sounds available per note.
  • Klang Engine page - 12 user programmable, key triggered sequencers with 12 tracks of steel drums per sequence- up to15 sounds available per note.
  • One Shot Kit page -4 octaves of programmable one shot kits with chaos and order parameter randomisation control.
  • Sends and Master FX page - control of master levels , master EQ and transient designer.
  • 10 instrument presets (.nki's) for Kontakt 5.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - drawable, per note control of: sound selectionvolumereverb sendhold timelow pass/high pass filterpansample starttunelo-fi & compression.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - sound selection chaos control.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - timing chaos control.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - 'remix' control with 32 loop variations per engine.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - 16 or 32 beat per track selection.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - solo & mute per sound.
  • Klang/Bang Engines - copy/paste of patterns & tracks.
  • Swing amount control for extra hippity hoppity.
  • One Shot Kits - individually editable note articulations with jitterreleaseflamdragruffrollmutedspeed rollgeiger plus 16th, 8th and triplet repeats.
  • One Shot Kits- 2 convolution reverb sends
  • One Shot Kits - 24 custom reverb impulses made from hardware and real spaces .
  • One Shot Kits - per note control of reverb sendpitchhigh & low pass filtersvolume attack & decayvolume & pan.
  • Built in instruction manual in RTFM tab.

News Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

Un 4e Modular Chaos Engine chez Sound Dust

Un 4e Modular Chaos Engine chez Sound Dust

1 Publiée le 07/03/16
Sound Dust a compilé les samples de la collection SteelDrumPercussionRoom à de nouveaux sons pour le 4e Modular Chaos Engine pour Kontakt.

Images Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

  • Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom
  • Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom
  • Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom
  • Sound Dust SteelDrumPercussionRoom

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