Marshall 1987 JCM800 Lead [1981-1989]
Marshall 1987 JCM800 Lead [1981-1989]

1987 JCM800 Lead [1981-1989], Tête d'ampli guitare tout lampe de la marque Marshall appartenant à la série JCM800.

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gros loulou30/05/2008

L'avis de gros loulou

Marshall 1987 JCM800 Lead [1981-1989]
Lampe de 50w
réglages de base, même pas me master volume il faut pousser pour obtenir une saturation mais quel son !!!
2 canaux non switchable, utilisé une A/B box, pas de canal disto, il faut pousser le canal2 pour obtenir une sat


Config très simple
on obtient un super son dès les premirs accords, on devient vite dépendant, c'est LE son marshall, son perdu sur les nouveaux jcm (2000)


Je joue du punk rock et c'est parfait*
aucun effet ajouter, c'est le son brut
2 canaux donc, un cristallin ( mais sans plus) et super sympa et l'autre plus gras, qui crunch à balle, un son rock par excellence.
Toute façon on n'achète pas marshall pour son clean


Je l'utilise depuis peu
il le convient parfaitement, on regrettera juste l'abscence de master volume mais bon 50w sa sature vite
si je devais refaire le choix je le rachète direct
contenu en anglais

L'avis de iamqman (contenu en anglais)"Killer amp!"

Marshall 1987 JCM800 Lead [1981-1989]
The Marshall JCM 800 is such a great amplifier for pretty much any style of music. It has a great platform for modification or just using any type of overdrive or modulation effect pedal out there. It takes whatever guitar you use and doesn't turn your guitar into something that it's not the just uses the elements of your guitar and whatever affects or pedals do you have it just makes the most beautiful sound you've ever heard. I am a martial fan and you probably hear that in the tone of two which I'm right. I love Marshall amplifiers and are some of the grace amplifiers that have ever been created. They have spun off so much inspiration to so many modern boutique builders out there. They have influenced so many guitarists to write some of the best music that is ever been created. It has such a great voicing an overall great feel and are just perfect for hard rock music.


This amplifier is a 50 W version of the hundred watt main amplifier that Marshall built. So you have the power cut in half which gives you a little bit more spongy feel and attack. You will get less headroom in the tone and therefore your power tubes will break up a lot quicker. These are great for recording in my opinion because they have such a great feeling tone for capturing through a microphone into the recording session. They're very easy to dial and it doesn't take long to figure out or find out that perfect sweet spot in this amplifier. I generally turned the preamp gain all the way up and I control my volume to where I need in the room. The base I usually turn up pretty high because the marshals seem to be more mid range street and amplifier. I use the presents and travel pretty much in conjunction with each other to depending on what amp for fire speaker cabinet I have or whatever guitar I have depends on where I have these control knobs dialing. The middle I usually have just a little less than where I have the travel control knob. Again it's very easy and fire to dial in and it doesn't take too long to figure out where you like it.


I love the tone of this amplifier when you using boss SB one overdrive distortion pedal . That pedal gives this amplifier at whole new tone region. I primarily like Marshall's with the Gibson Les Paul or a super Stratocaster guitar of some sort. Just some guitar with a humbucker pick up installed will get me the tones that I'm looking for. These amplifiers are great for modifying and there are so many people out there that now modify these amplifiers so it's not very hard to find someone to work on this get him to give you the tones that you're looking for. If there's a certain guitarists or professional musician out there that has a specific marshall tone which most of them do you then take this amplifier to a guitar tech amplifier text and get them to get this amplifier to the tones that you are chasing.

If you don't want to get modified and just using good overdrive pedal and I'll get you almost exactly what you're looking for. I highly recommend using a good delay pedal with these amplifiers because they just really feeling the gaps and a hard rock or just pop music session. These amplifiers take petals very well so if you have a good overdrive pedal or good delay, phaser, chorus, flange or, or any other modulation effect pedal out there this amplifier didn't take those petals really bring out the good color and tone and voicings of all the gear that's in use.


I highly recommend this amplifier to anyone looking for one of the best martial tones out there. This is a 50 watt version which is going to be a little bit lot less louder than the hundred watt version. Is good. Have a good feeling good soft spongy attack with a little bit less headroom than hundred watt amplifier. These amplifiers will be a little bit less than the hundred watt to just take that into account when you're looking for budgeting for a Marshall amplifier. This is a fantastic voicing for our any amplifier and if you're looking for a good hard rock amplifier then look no further than this amplifier.