Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

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Hot Stone HC, Alimentation pour pédale de la marque Decibel Eleven.

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Fiche technique Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

  • Fabricant : Decibel Eleven
  • Modèle : Hot Stone HC
  • Catégorie : Alimentations pour pédales
  • Fiche créée le : 12/07/2012

The Hot Stone HC features 4 isolated and regulated high current outputs, super efficient Toroidal transformer and short circuit protection on all outputs.

  • 4 Isolated, 400mA sections at 9V and 12VDC – for powering high current pedals with no hum or interaction including Eventide, Strymon, TC Electronic Nova, Line 6 modelers (4 button), Boss Twin and more
  • 8 total available outlets – all can be used simultaneously.
  • Toroidal transformer with additional magnetic shielding – no stray magnetic fields.
  • Short circuit protection on all outlets – cable shorts won't harm outputs.
  • Outputs can be combined for 18V or 24VDC* – for powering MXR Flanger or EHX Deluxe Memory Man and more
  • Heavy duty chassis with 2mm steel – built like a tank
  • All outputs capable of meeting full rated currents simultaneously without ripple – 1600mA total
  • 5 year warranty
      * With voltage doubling cable
All outlets: 5.5 x 2.1mm barrel connectors, center negative.
All outlets: regulated and filtered DC voltage.
All outputs: short circuit protected.
Outlet 1-2: 9V and 12V, 400mA
Outlet 3-4: 9V and 12V, 400mA
Outlet 5-6: 9V and 12V, 400mA
Outlet 3-8: 9V and 12V, 400mA
Detachable IEC line cord
120V 50/60Hz (North American model)
230V 50/60Hz (Europe/Australian model)
Included Cables
(4) 5.5 x 2.1mm
(4) 5.5 x 2.5mm
Physical Dimensions & Weight
(W x D x H): 5.83" x 3.46" x 1.73"
Weight: 2.6 lbs

News Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

[NAMM] Decibel Eleven Hot Stone

[NAMM] Decibel Eleven Hot Stone

2 Publiée le 12/07/12
Attendu au Summer NAMM, Decibel Eleven devrait y présenter sa gamme d'alimentations DC pour pédales d'effets Hot Stone.

Images Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

  • Decibel Eleven Hot Stone HC

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