Pigtronix Power

Pigtronix Power

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Power, Alimentation pour pédale de la marque Pigtronix.

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Fiche technique Pigtronix Power

  • Fabricant : Pigtronix
  • Modèle : Power
  • Catégorie : Alimentations pour pédales
  • Fiche créée le : 27/01/2014

Pigtronix Power is equipped to meet the DC requirements of the most demanding pedal board setups, with 8 individually isolated outputs.

A pair of 9V @ 100mA outlets are intended for standard guitar pedals such as BOSS which do not have high current draw.

Four, independently switchable (9V, 12V, 15V, 18V) multi-voltage outlets provide the flexibility to run virtually any DC powered stomp box. Two of these individually isolated, switchable outlets are rated at 100mA while the other two can provide up to 300mA of current from each output.

A pair of 18V @ 300mA outlets are specifically intended for digital Pigtronix pedals such as the Infinity Looper and Echolution 2 which have high current draw (and require individually isolated power), or for use with the included daisy chain connectors to power up to five analog Pigtronix pedals from one outlet.

Included Accessories:
• 5pcs of 2.1mm connector 12” cable
• 5pcs of 2.1mm connector 24” cable
• 2pcs of Daisy chain w/ 5x 2.1mm connector
• 1pcs IEC wall plug

Distribué par Guitars Addicts


News Pigtronix Power

L'alimentation pour pédale de Pigtronix est là

L'alimentation pour pédale de Pigtronix est là

Publiée le 04/04/16
Le Pigtronix Power est un bloc d'alimentation pour pedalboard équipé de multiples sorties aux voltages différents.

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