Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20"
Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20"

HHX Stage Ride 20", Cymbale Ride de la marque Sabian appartenant à la série HHX.

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L'avis de Ikkini

Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20"
J'adore le son de cette cymbale, très précis avec une cloche puissante, tout ce que j'aime. Elle arrive à allier puissance et précision, parfait pour mon jeu versatile qui évolue entre jazz et rock.
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L'avis de sanjuro (contenu en anglais)

Sabian HHX Stage Ride 20"
This is the most versatile ride I have ever used.  Obviously, personal preference plays a big part of any cymbal purchase.  However, time and time again, I am impressed by the sounds this cymbal produces and it receives many compliments from fellow drummers.  2 of my old teachers ended up buying this cymbal after I brought mine in and let them rock it for a while.  It is dark and warm, with a nice hand hammered bell that has a great smokey sound.   I am primarily a rock drummer, but generally like to incorporate more influences.  This cymbal has provided me with all the versatility I need.  It has the typical HHX coating, which is a good balance between coated and non-coated because it isn't too bright, isn't too dark, and has a very good response.  I ride this, crash it, do whatever and it sounds great.  It is clean enough for light music but still not flimsy or thin, producing crunchier vibes when necessary.  I have played many ride cymbals in my day, but this is by far my favorite for the music I like to play (mellow rock, funk, jazzier stuff, etc.).  The sabian HHX line is slightly expensive, but not for the sound you get.  When compared to other cymbal lines such as HH or Zildjian K's, I still feel like this cymbal has the best value.  The only drawback to this cymbal is its relatively high price, but as i stated it is well worth it.  I have recorded with it and it sounds even better in studio than when it is live.  I would definitely buy this cymbal again and again, and would suggest it to anyone who is looking for a perfectly balanced ride cymbal.  The only cymbal line that can compare to this is the HHX groove series.  Obviously, HHX parallels the K custom series, but I have never played any K custom that sounds as good as this.  Buy this cymbal if you can.