MusicLab Real Guitar2L
MusicLab Real Guitar2L

Real Guitar2L, Guitare acoustique virtuelle de la marque MusicLab.

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MusicLab Real Guitar2L
MusicLab Real Guitar2L is a great virtual simulator of acoustic guitars.
There weren't any kind of compatibility issues with this software.
The manual is pretty clear and well detailed , clear and enough to understand the basic functions, however there are some features that are more advanced and require an advanced understanding regarding rhythm and movement of the pitch.
The general configuration and setup is quite simple and fast, the setup is fast and easy to follow.
The typical functions aren't very easy to use, so you gotta give some time to understand the whole concept provided by the soft.


The software works great and the gear is stable, it's one of the most stable guitar vst's that I've ever used.
The software works correctly in his configuration, I'm getting a nice real guitar sound with this product.
I've been using it for about one and a half years now, and I haven't found any replace for it.


What do I like most about is the real acoustic sound, the chords feature, the build-in rhythms and pitch changes, I really do enjoy the fact that you can build your own rhythms on your own midi controller.

Regarding the value of price, it's quite affordable and I can say it's worth the money because there aren't any better guitar simulators on the market on the same price.
The precision and quality of sounds is beyond decent, I would rate it 9/10, the pitch and chord movement it quite natural and rich sounding.

I've tried several models of guitar simulators, many sounded like toys, or just some weird noisy guitar, I haven't found any that are on this level.

Knowing what I know I would rebuy this product because it sounds great, it has plenty of great features that allow to create some good guitar riffs.