CEntrance MicPort Pro
CEntrance MicPort Pro

MicPort Pro, Interface audionumérique USB de la marque CEntrance.

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L'avis de stompboxjon (contenu en anglais)"Nice design"

CEntrance MicPort Pro
The Centrance MicPort Pro is a USB interface that has a simple mic preamp on it, but it only is a 24bit/96kHz interface. The style of this interface is what is very different; it is not your normal looking interface. It has a newer sleeker style to it that almost makes it easier to transport as well because it is slimmer and could fit into some smaller pockets. The latency on the MicPort Pro is very low, no matter which software or DAW you use it with you will get low latency monitoring and recording.


It does not matter what system you use this with, or which DAW you use it with. It works great, and it truly is plug and play. It has Phantom Power (48 volt) and will work great with your Windows XP or Windows Vista (standard or business edition). If you want to use it with a Mac you will need to be running 10.4 or higher OSX.


This little interface is very quiet and reaches your computer from a distance because it comes with a 6 foot USB cord (you can get a longer cord if you need one). It also comes with a carry pouch/case so you can easily take it with you and keep it safe and scratch free. This interface is so small it can fit right into your pocket! I recommend this interface to a lot of people who are looking for something small, and can just work the way it was suppose to work when it is plugged in.


Setting it up is very quick and easy, it runs on USB ports 2.0 or even a 1.1 USB port if you have an older computer. You just cannot go wrong with this interface. The only reason you wouldn’t want to get this interface is if you are recording more than one track simultaneously.