Stanton Magnetics Deckadance 2.5

Stanton Magnetics Deckadance 2.5

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Deckadance 2.5, Logiciel DJ de la marque Stanton Magnetics.

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Fiche technique Stanton Magnetics Deckadance 2.5

  • Fabricant : Stanton Magnetics
  • Modèle : Deckadance 2.5
  • Catégorie : Logiciels DJ
  • Fiche créée le : 20/11/2015

First Deckadance update since Stanton/Gibson Group acquired the DJ software from Image Line, for Mac OS X and Windows

  • Number of Decks: Choose 2 or 4 deck mixing.
  • Frequency isolated effects: Up to 3 chained insert effects per track (choose from 10) applied independently to High, Mid, Low or any combination of bands.
  • SmartKnobs: Link a single knob to any number of FX & Mixer interface targets under user programmable envelope control.
  • GrossBeats: Trigger tempo-perfect scratch, stutter and glitch effects. 8 user programmable buttons per deck with integrated editor.
  • EQ colored waveforms: Deck waveform shows the most prominent frequencies in the mix.
  • Library song manager: Full featured database-driven manager with smart playlists, iTunes import and automated mixing options.
  • Beat detection: Automatic and manual beat detection & beat-gridding of tracks for sophisticated beat-matching.
  • Time stretching/compression: zPlane Elastique time-stretching/compression technology (key lock) for best master tempo quality.
  • Rearrange songs: Hot Cue points, Loops & Beat jump provide beat-locked song rearranging/remixing options.
  • Software Mixer: 2 or 4 channel mixer. It includes EQ, Filters, gain and level controls, auto crossfader, advanced headphone cueing and overload protection to prevent clipping distortion. Also includes AGC (automatic gain control) based on perceived loudness.
  • Sampler :1/32 to 16 step beat-matched easy sampling. One shot, trigger, retrigger and loop modes.
  • Snap :Makes any timed features snap to the detected beat.
  • VTS Host & Client :Hosts VST plugins. Includes Effector VST plugin (see below). Use Deckadance inside your favorite DAW as a VST plugin.
  • MIDI Support & Scripting :Wide range of pre-mapped MIDI controllers and the ability to custom map any MIDI controller via MIDI learning. Program any MIDI controller with controller feedback via scripting.
  • DVS CD/Vinyl support :Many timecodes supported and can also learn any new time-code. Deckadance can generate its own ultra-accurate control CD timecode files.
  • Customizable interface :Show only the features you use. Configure decks, smart panels and function ones to show your most used features.
  • Smart Utility Panels :Choose up to 8 panels per deck. Panels includes Loop, Cue, Grid, DVS, Key (tempo lock), SmartKnob, Tempo, EQ, Gain & Filter, Volume, FX Mix & Isolator, FX 1 to 3 and Gross Beat.
  • Audio recorder :Capture your performances to high quality .wav format.
  • Supported audio formats :mp3, flac, m4a, wma, wav, aiff and ogg.
  • Effector VST Plug-In :In addition to the internal effects, Deckadance 2 includes the Effector VST plugin with 12 performance oriented effects: Distortion, Lo-Fi bit reduction, Flanging, Phasing, Filter (low/high pass), Delay, Reverb, Stereo panning & binaural effect, Gating, Granulizer, Vocal formant and Ring modulation effects.

Distribué par Arbiter France


News Stanton Magnetics Deckadance 2.5

Deckadance passe en version 2.6

Deckadance passe en version 2.6

1 Publiée le 26/04/16
Stanton DJ a mis en ligne la version 2.6 de son logiciel de mix pour DJ Deckadance, afin d’apporter notamment des snapshots.

Stanton lance Deckadance v2.5

1 Publiée le 20/11/15

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