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L'avis de friseruse" à avoir"

Avenson Audio STO-2
couple de micros omni-directionnels à electret.


Ce sont des excellents micros, surtout pour le prix! A essayer en overheads sur la batterie, ils apportent de l'espace et du réalisme. Même sur une grosse caisse (si si!), sur une caisse claire, sur une guitare acoustique, ...
Point faible: leur directivité omni oblige à avoir une bonne acoustique. Et même s'il est vrai qu'on récupère de la "repisse", celle-ci n'est pas détimbrée donc facilement gérable.
Point fort: tout ce qu'un couple omni peut faire. De plus, comme il n'y a pas d'effet de proximité, il est possible de placer au besoin les micros très près des sources. Sur la grosse caisse par exemple, on aura un grave très naturel même après égalisation.
Ils sont peut-être un peu en-dessous des Earthworks et des DPA, mais ils sont 5 fois moins chers! Et de plus le SAV est excellent.
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L'avis de theaudioandvideoguy (contenu en anglais)"very good"

Avenson Audio STO-2
This Omni Directional mic come in pairs and are great for instruments and will give your instrument recordings a very natural sound. Actually one of the best natural sounds you will hear from a mic that’s under 1000 dollars. When the mic first came out I think it was around 600 for the pair and they come in a nice wooden box with a fancy interior. The box itself looks like it cost 100 bucks, but the mics will do all of the talking you wont need the box anymore after you hear them. You can record some pianos with the STO 2 and play them back in a whole different set up in some headphones or regular speakers for that matter and it will feel like you are really sitting in front of someone playing the piano for you. They are just that good of a mic, I have seen people use this mic when creating 3d sound for certain projects. Just because of how clear the recording will be to start with then using a 3d plug in they will position the instrument in virtual space and it will really give you a 3d experience if your speakers that your listening to can handle it. But even if you arent using 3d sound they will still give you a natural effect of actually being there which is still like a 3d sound.


These mics are worth every penny spent, and you will have to pay more than 500 dollars for them because they are just that good, don’t think you can get them much cheaper than that. They hold their value and are still being purchased even though they have been out for a while. I actually think they are still producing them which could be the reason that the price hasn’t dropped that much if at all.