Shure EC/SM58

Shure EC/SM58

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EC/SM58, Microphone HF de la marque Shure.

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Fiche technique Shure EC/SM58

  • Fabricant : Shure
  • Modèle : EC/SM58
  • Catégorie : Microphones HF
  • Fiche créée le : 16/12/2003

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L'avis de sw80 (contenu en anglais)"Nice Wireless Microphone Similar to the SM58"

Shure EC/SM58
The Shure SM58 UHF is a wireless microphone system.
It is basically the wireless version of the SM58 by Shure.
That microphone is a classic microphone from Shure so they decided to
bring it to the wireless world. One of my favorite features
of the UHF SM58 is that you can do all of the microphone tweaking
to your tone right from the microphone without the need for anything
else. Depending on how your voice is with the tone and depth,
you will need to do some adjustments which can easily be done
right from the microphone. It has a boost, and also a -10dB pad, along
with a mute option (which is used when the microphone isn't being
used at the time. If you already have a PA system set up, then the SM58
UHF is compatible with it, this is one of the main features of the microphone.
It can be compatible with any PA set up. I have only used it with
Two different set ups and have not tested it with any others. But
it worked great and never gave any issues.

A lot of wireless systems can be difficult to set up and get rolling.
But with the SAM58 UHF you won't have any problems at all. It has
a feature that will allow it to find the best frequency to broadcast
on so you will not have any interference with outside sources transmitting
signals at the same time as you are. Having an channel that is free
from other signals is a must have when you are using any wireless system.

The sound quality of the SM58 UHF is very good, if you have used the
regular SM58 before then you already know how good it sounds. The price of
this microphone is a very competitive price. I recommend this to anyone
needing a wireless microphone system.
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L'avis de moosers (contenu en anglais)

Shure EC/SM58
The Shure SM58 UHF is a wireless dynamic microphone that is designed for use on the stage for live shows and gigging. I recently used this microphone on my acoustic guitar for a live show that I played. I don't own the mic but the sound guy had a wireless system and a few of these mics that we used the amplify my acoustic guitar signal. It's a Guild acoustic guitar without a pick up, so miking the guitar was a must. I don't know that it had to be wireless, but that's what was on hand. Of course the wireless feature is really most useful for vocals, but it's still nice that you can easily move it where you want without it being attached to any sort of cable. I don't think I'd recommend a wireless microphone in general unless you were going to use it mostly for vocals however. The sound of the mic itself is great, as it's a SM58 and is great for vocals and all instruments in a live setting. The SM58 is the most popular live vocal microphone in the world for a reason, as it's got a full sound, is incredibly sturdy and is very reasonably priced. The wireless version is no different as it's still the same mic just in a different casing. Of course you'll need the UHF system to go along with this microphone, as it needs the base to run off of. For this reason it's definitely important that you need it since it's going to cost a good amount more for the wireless system. Having said this, if you are doing live sound or are a venue in search of a wireless system or microphone, it really won't get much better than a Shure SM58 UHF wireless mic.

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