Numark NS7FX
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Note moyenne :4.3( 4.3/5 sur 3 avis )
 1 avis33 %
 2 avis67 %
Rapport qualité/prix : Excellent
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L'avis de Anonyme "Ns7 fx"

Numark NS7FX
Acheté d'occasion en version fx et fligcase je suis satisfait de mon achat.Elle remplace deux ndx800 et une table djx750.les jogs motorisés sont excellents,C'est aussi du solide car tout est en acier.Par contre forcément le transport c'est lourd ! Trop lourd...
La table,C'est une 2 voies,j'aurais préféré une 4.
Section effets simple Mais efficace.
Du bon matos,Je n'ai pas encore assez d'heures de test mais pour le moment c'est vraiment bien.

L'avis de madmax31230"une bonne platine"

Numark NS7FX
Pour quel usage et dans quel contexte utilisez-vous ce produit?
en soirée
Depuis combien de temps l'utilisez-vous?
3 ans
Avez-vous essayé d’autres produits concurrents avant de l'acheter?
oui la hercules rmx
Quelles sont les choses que vous appréciez le plus et le moins?
son age avancée mais et toujours au top au niveau réactivité

après ce n'est pas une platine de poche
contenu en anglais

L'avis de JimboSpins (contenu en anglais)"worth the money"

Numark NS7FX
The NS7FX is a motorized controller that will work with just about any DJ software but it comes with one of its own. I really did love the feel of this unit, it had rubber buttons and knobs and was built to last a long time. The price of it was a lot higher than I would have liked to spend but the quality reflected the price. This unit has 2 motorized high torque platters that have a very classic feel to them like real vinyl. You will not need a mouse or a keyboard with this controller as long as you are going to use ITCH software. ITCH software is the software that comes with it and it is perfectly set up to work with this software. Now using it in other software does bring about some issues when not wanting to use the mouse (or touchpad for laptop users).
Setting this controller up with ITCH software was very simple and it was also very simple to use with Scratch Live. But if you used with any other software it could cause many problems if you want to keep the whole “mouse free” approach.
The quality of this controller/interface is great. The audio signals are clean and sound amazing in almost any system. I recommend this unit to anyone who is into the old school vinyl stuff and wan to start to digitalize there set up. This could be the perfect transition to go to digital because it still has that vinyl feel and will let you leave all of those vinyl crates at home.
Make sure you have a fast computer with this interface, you will need at least 2 GB but a fast processor is a must have if you run it on a Windows Computer. There are several driver issues reported when using it with a Windows 7 computer as well. But Numark is usually on top of their driver updates and fix any issues pretty quickly. I was using this unit back in 2011 and I am pretty sure they have fixed any driver issues by now.