Skrydstrup MR8 Loop System
Skrydstrup MR8 Loop System

MR8 Loop System, Patch de la marque Skrydstrup.

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Skrydstrup MR8 Loop System
Spécification :

- 5 mono loops.
- All loops are internally connected. Unless you need to patch in between loops, no extra cables are needed.
- Totally click-free.
- Control functions, C1-C3, is to be used where you would normally need a latch switch function.
- C1-C3 are completely isolated to avoid ground loops or other interference.
- MR8 does not add any noise, or degrade your sound in any way.
- Superb where ever there is a need for looping, A/B in or out, split or audio mute functions.
- Status of each loop / switch can be controlled using MIDI Program Change or MIDI Control Change. MR8 can also be controlled manually.
- Activate the loops / switches you need in any given preset, press STORE or send MIDI Control Change data via your MIDI Foot Controller – that’s it !
- 1 unit – 19" chassis. 9VAC

Au final :

J'utilise le MR8 depuis presque 1 an.
Dès lors que l'on ajoute des connexions, c'est imparable, on a une différence sonore (jacks+câble).
Le MR8 accompli l'exploit du mythe de la "transparence"...où le compromis flexibilité/conservation du signal est au plus haut.
J'ai euun rocktron Patchmate avant, la différence est nette sur ce sujet.