Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

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Infundibulum #1, Autre synthétiseur virtuel de la marque Sound Dust.

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Fiche technique Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

  • Fabricant : Sound Dust
  • Modèle : Infundibulum #1
  • Catégorie : Autres synthétiseurs virtuels
  • Fiche créée le : 29/04/2017

Synthétiseur et multi-arpégiateur logiciel pour Kontakt utilisant des samples d'instruments


Dulcitone, Rhodes MK1 stage piano, medical grade tuning forks, music box, Hohner clavinet, charango, mbira, school chime bars, glockenspiel, marimba, banjo, Cramer upright piano, over felted upright piano, EDP Wasp synth, Nord Wave, DSI Evolver, Korg MS10, MaM ADX1 analog drum machine, Bastl microgranny sampler, recordable cuddly toy, human voice.

  • 1 Kontakt .nki instrument
  • 135 themed snapshots...but Infundibulum is all about tweaking really, these will just get you in the ballpark
  • 550MB download


  • 3 independant multifunction arp contraptions with gate, chord and 10 other arp modes
  • Adjustable step lengths from 1 to 64 per multi-arp
  • Adjustable step rate from 1/128 to whole note with triplet variations plus modem, geiger and meltdown modes per multi-arp
  • Swing, offset, decay and pitch control per multi-arp


  • 3 sample oscillators each with 20 mutlisampled sample sets
  • Sample start, loop start and loop length control per oscillator
  • Pan and autopan control per oscillator
  • Volume attack, decay, sustain and release control per oscillator
  • Distortion module with drive, damp, tube or transistor, bit and sample rate reduction per oscillator
  • Low pass and high pass filters
  • Vibrato rate and amount control per oscillator
  • Chorus rate and amount control per oscillator
  • Convolution reverb with 24 bespoke IRs per oscillator
  • Delay send control per oscillator

ARP Recorder...

  • Drag & drop midi file recorder grabs single and multi channel output from the multi-arp that can be loaded back into a new DAW track

INSERT effects

  • Tape saturation and bit reducution,
  • Solid G equaliser
  • Rotor speaker
  • Algorithmic reverb

SEND effects

  • Tempo synced delay
  • Algorithmic reverb

FULL version of Kontakt 5.5.1 or above is required


News Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

Sound Dust Infundibulum pour arpégier dans Kontakt

Sound Dust Infundibulum pour arpégier dans Kontakt

1 Publiée le 09/05/17
Sound Dust propose un nouvel instrument pour Kontakt qui mélange échantillonnage sonore, oscillateurs et multi-arpégiateur.

Images Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

  • Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

Vidéos Sound Dust Infundibulum #1

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