Tone2 Gladiator 3

Tone2 Gladiator 3

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Gladiator 3, Autre synthétiseur virtuel de la marque Tone2.

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Fiche technique Tone2 Gladiator 3

  • Fabricant : Tone2
  • Modèle : Gladiator 3
  • Catégorie : Autres synthétiseurs virtuels
  • Fiche créée le : 06/07/2018

Tone2 met à jour en 2018 son synthétiseur virtuel Gladiator pour Mac OS X et Windows

New features:

- Created a new interface, which is nearly twice as large
- By clicking on 'EDITOR SIZE' you can select from four different interface sizes
- Added a comfortable, new patch browser
- New sound-quality mode 'high-end'
- Added context sensitive tooltips with detailed descriptions for all controls
- The patches can be ranked by clicking on the stars in the patch browser
- The patch rankings are stored within the file "Ranking.rnk"
- 6 additional lfo waveforms: "Stair 4 up","Stair 8 up","Stair 4 down","Stair 8 down","Stair 4 up/down","Stair 8 up/down"
- Added handbooks in English, German, French, Spanish and Italian to the new help menu
- New loop mode "Noise", which jumps to a random section
- New loop mode "/50%", which ping-pong-loops 50% of the spectrum
- New loop mode "/25%", which ping-pong-loops 25% of the spectrum
- 3 additional phase-modifiers "Zzzap", which sound like a laser
- 3 additional phase-modifiers "Boing", which sound like a reverse laser
- 2 additional phase-modifiers "Odd noise" and "Even noise", which noisify the spectrum
- 2 additional phase-modifiers "Odd 90" and "Even 90", which sound like a sub-oscillator
- Information tags about the patches are shown in the patch browser
- Extended halftone-range for the arpeggiator from -23 to +23
- Added cross-product-compatibility: Save->'Export...' exports the sound of osc1 as an Icarus compatible wavetable in wav format
- Video tutorials can be shown from the help menu
- Updates and additional sounds can be accessed directly from the help menu


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La v3 finale du Tone2 Gladiator est sortie

La v3 finale du Tone2 Gladiator est sortie

Publiée le 02/10/18
Tone2 a terminé la phase de beta test et annonce la sortie de la version finale 3 de son synthétiseur virtuel Gladiator.

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