Ampeg SVT-8 Pro
Ampeg SVT-8 Pro

SVT-8 Pro, Tête d'ampli Basse de la marque Ampeg appartenant à la série SVT Pro.

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Ampeg SVT-8 Pro
The Ampeg SVT-8 Pro is a bass guitar amplifier head that can be used in a variety of different ways.  The head is powered by tubes and offers a variety of different parameters to control your tone.  The amp has a 1/4 inch input in the front of it and also has a variety of connections in the back including an XLR output if you wanted to use this as a DI box.  The amp has parameters for gain, ultra low, bass, mid range, frequency, treble, and a master volume knob.  It is possible to get a good amount of varying sounds with this amp because of all of different parameters that it has to offer.  


The configuration of the Ampeg SVT-8 Pro is really easy to follow as everything is laid out in clear sight and all of the functions are pretty easily accessible.  Even if you don't have too much experience with bass amp heads, this is an easy amp to figure out and shouldn't take more than a few minutes to get used to everything.  I've never seen a manual for this amp, but it is easy enough to use that one isn't necessary.


The sound quality of the Ampeg SVT-8 Pro is pretty awesome all around.  Whether you are using it with a speaker cabinet or going direct with it, you will get a pretty full bass sound that offers plenty of options to get all sorts of bass sounds.  I have only used this amp head with for recording and usually will take it direct and I'm usually pleased with the sounds that I can get.  I've used it with an Ampeg speaker cabinet a few times and to me blending the amp sound and a direct sound will give you the best possible bass sound while using this amp.  I love this amp head because it is versatile and offers a full bodied sound.


I've been using the Ampeg SVT-8 Pro for about a year and have no complaints at all about this amp.  It has a great sound and is capable of getting a wide array of bass sounds while offering all sorts of features that most amp heads don't have.  Ampeg is one of the best when it comes to bass guitar amps, and the SVT-8 Pro is really one of their best models in terms of bass amp heads of this nature.  The price isn't the cheapest but if you are looking for a top notch bass guitar amp head, this is a must see.