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Neve 1058
The Neve 1058 is a rare channel strip, taken from some sort of vintage Neve board. I've used a set of two of these that were racked up in a custom casing with a power supply. I don't know what console exactly the 1058's are from, but it's definitely an older model. These are all analog channel strips, with a preamplifier and a built in equalizer. What kind of connections it has really depend on the casing you have for it, as you'll need a custom casing for an Neve 1058 module.


The make up of the Neve 1058 channel strip isn't too difficult to follow, regardless of if you've got experience using Neve modules (although it will certainly help). Like all Neve channel strips, it's got a line/gain knob at the top, and then has a three band equalizer below it. The EQ is unique in that the low and high frequency bands don't have their own frequency parameter. You can only set the gain and the amount of bandwidth that you'd like to cover. However, the middle band does have a frequency knob to go along with the Q/gain knob. There isn't a manual out there for the 1058.


The sound of the Neve 1058 is truly impressive. It's got the classic Neve sound you'd expect from any vintage Neve module, as it has a lot of low-mid response to it, resulting in a very full sounding mic preamp. I've used the 1058 to record kick drum and vocals, with both applications sounding great through the preamp. I've only used the EQ a small bit, and even though it isn't very versatile, for what it can do it has a clean and sterile sound. My only real complaint about the 1058 is that it doesn't have a more versatile equalizer to work with like the 1073's.


I've only ever seen one set of Neve 1058 channel strips, as it seems like these are really rare. They aren't all that similar in terms of make up or sound to any other Neve channel strip that I can think of, but of course they do sound and feel like real Neves. You definitely won't be finding too many of these around studios anymore, but if you do ever come across one, absolutely take advantage of having the chance to try an elusive 1058!