Korg AW-1
Korg AW-1

AW-1, Accordeur de la marque Korg.

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L'avis de Kalamo

Korg AW-1
Livré avec 2 pinces pour s'adapter à tous les instruments, il s'utilise facilement.
Personellement je l'utilise sur une guitare type Godin (en nylon) branchée directement sur une table, car je n'ai pas d'accordeur intégré à la guitare.
Le capteur piezzo est très précis, possibilité de passer par le micro intégré.
Hyper léger, il est livré en étui rigide pour la protection.

Seuls défauts: il aurait été bon que l'écran soit rétro-éclairé, et qu'il se mette en veille au bout d'un temps donné.
Payé 49€ chez thomann (90€ en france ...), çà vaut le coup et çà sauve la vie ! Surtout aux cuivres !!!! ;)
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L'avis de phraseland (contenu en anglais)

Korg AW-1
I purchased this tuner just when it came out about four years ago. At first I was intrigued by the design and size. The concept seemed to be pretty simple - yet noone has managed to put something similar out in the market that really worked.

The tuner can receive its pitch from either a built in microphone or via the piezo element built into the clip. I have never used the microphone up to this date - but it probably is quite good to have when you play a stringed instrument. The display is quite big but doesn't light up. At first I found this to be a disadvantage but then I saw the other models that did have a background light. They were a lot bigger and the batteries didn't nearly last as long.

What is really cool about this device is its weight - you simply won't feel it once it is attached to your headstock (as opposed to those with a backlit display). The display can be read quite easily and tuning is very exact and quick. I have used this tuner with bass, acoustic guitar, electric guitar - even banjo and ukulele. It really works great! At first I was a bit skeptical about the construction as it feels a bit fragile when you initially put it together. But I have been using it for over four years now and it still has not become loose anywhere - despite it being made of plastic.

I have sold this tuner at my guitar store many of times because I really think it is the best out there. It is the only one I use anymore and if I lost it I would buy it again immediatly.