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Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160

Ampli combo à transistors pour guitare de la marque Roland appartenant à la série Jazz Chorus.

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"Fantastic amp for the straight-ahead jazz guitarist"

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160Publié le 17/09/10 à 00:01
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
This is a tube amp made by Roland, known for their keyboards and electric pianos as well as keyboard amps. This is a solid amp that can be used for jazz guitarists. There are two 1/4" inputs (Normal and Effect). The normal input is a straight ahead input, which only utilizes the volume knobs as well as the EQ. The effect input gives you the option of utilizing the chorus, reverb and distortion effects. There are 110 watts of power.


This amp is a pretty easy one to get a hold of. The chorus controls are a pretty simple, as are the distortion and reverb. For those of you interested in the distortion, keep in mind that as this is designed with the Jazz player in mind, the distortion on this amp is incredibly light, so don't expect to rock out. The EQs and other controls are also really easy to use.


This amp has an incredibly warm and smooth sound, one that is not easily replicated on the ubiquitous Fender and Marshall amps of today. A Gretsch or old Gibson Hollow-body is the best way to go on these amps, as they provide the full sound that this amp compliments so well. Even with the distortion all the way up, this amp is still really smooth. I don't really care much for chorus, but even still, the chorus effect on this amp is great, as is the reverb (which is a natural, spring reverb.)


I really like the warmth and tone of this amp, as well as the reverb. It has a unique sound that is very particular. As such, I wouldn't recommend using it if you aren't a serious jazz musician, or somebody who plays music that is similar in style. Rock players, even most blues players, would be better off with something else. However, for those of us who want the nice, Wes Montgomery-style sound, this is a phenomenal choice.

"Made in Japan"

Roland Jazz Chorus JC-160Publié le 23/06/11 à 23:46
contenu en anglais (contenu en anglais)
This is the best clean tone in the world. Many artist have used the Roland JC amps for their recorded clean tone and their live tone as well. The 160 is much like the 120 with a different set of speakers and a larger cabinet. You get the same features and tone but you have four 10 inch speaker instead of two 12 inch and the wattage is bumped up to 160 instead of 120.

The Jazz Chorus probably the most recognizable Roland amp ever created. Also probably the most highly sought after solid state amp on the planet. And maybe the most highly used clean tone that has ever been created!

From studios to stages this amp has seen a number of uses and major users, such as Metallica and many others. This amp has a clean tone that is perfect for recording as well as running a pedals in front of.


Roland JC-160:
The Jazz-Chorus 160
4x10 Combo
160 Watts - Solid State
2 Channel; Chorus / Reverb / Vibrato / On Wheels

The amp is extremely easy to use and an idiot an figure out how to get this thing a decent tone. The amp takes pedals very well, and if you need to bust it out of your house then be prepare to hear some loud tone. Rated at 160 watts of solid state power this thing is going to be insanely loud. Probably why they didn't make them that long because who needs more than 120 watts right?


The tone from this amp is so legendary! The clean is really the reason you buy this amp but the ability to take distortion pedals is a huge bonus. The amp takes on your favorite pedal quite well and amplifies the natural harmonics of your guitar and playing style.

For me there is only one reason to own this amp...and that is to use it on a recording for clean tone. The chorus is very lush and smooth! It sounds great with just about any guitar you throw at it. If you have listened to any Metallica album then you have heard this amp.


I would recommend this amp to anyone who needs the best clean tone you could get out of an amp. I am partial to solid state cleans as I feel that they have a sparkle that tubes cannot match. Distortion is a whole different ball game but the cleans will get you the best chimey sparkle you have ever heard.

You can only find these amps on the used market at this point. They are highly rare as I think they were only sold in Japan. I have seen them for around $500 or so. A little bit on the high side for a solid state amps. If you really want to gig with this amp then it is a good purchase, but if you just want to use it for recording a particularly the clean then save several hundred dollars and get a Cube amp from Roland that has the JC Clean. But this amp is so classic anyway that it is a must own!

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  • Fabricant : Roland
  • Modèle : Jazz Chorus JC-160
  • Série : Jazz Chorus
  • Catégorie : Amplis combos à transistors pour guitare
  • Fiche créée le : 29/07/2005

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Distribué par rolandcentraleurope


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Autres dénominations : jazz chorus jc 160, jazzchorusjc 160, jazzchorusjc160, jazz chorus jc160, JC-160