Tube Works MosValve MV-962

Tube Works MosValve MV-962

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MosValve MV-962, Ampli de puissance de la marque Tube Works.

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Fiche technique Tube Works MosValve MV-962

  • Fabricant : Tube Works
  • Modèle : MosValve MV-962
  • Catégorie : Amplis de puissance
  • Fiche créée le : 17/01/2006

MosValve 962
Operation Notes
· This amplifier was designed primarily for musical instrument amplification. It is an addition
to your audio rig which will add warmth and definition to your sound.
· Use MosValve with any preamp capable of producing 450 MV into a 50K load (Virtually any
preamp in existence.)
· Use with speakers or cabinets capable of at least 80 watts RMS continuous power. Remember
that MosValve can typically produce in excess of 100 Watts/channel under typical
conditions common on stage today. At least 100 Watt speakers or cabinets are therefore
highly recommended if you intend to use the amp at high power output. MANUFACTURER
· This is a stereo power amp. Mono operation is switchable (both channels. input bridged)
with the use of single input plugged into Channel A. Stereo operation is automatic when an
additional input is plugged into Channel B.
· It is often advisable to use only one channel for mono (for example, if you have only one
speaker cabinet), as the MosValve can produce over 100 Watts with only one channel
driven. Use Channel A and set Channel B controls to "O." NOTE: It will not damage Channel
B to have no speaker plugged into it while using only Channel A.
· NEVER attempt to power bridge the two speaker output channels together. NEVER parallel
or series them into one speaker or cabinet. If power from both channels is used, ALWAYS
use at least two separate speakers (one per channel) or separate speaker cabinets per
· A certain amount of heat during operation is normal. The MosValve amplifier is biased in a
manner in which even when idling there is some heat present. It is best to keep the amplifier
towards the bottom of the rack (coolest air) and avoid obstructions to the vents in the
· Never load the speaker outputs with less than 4 ohm loads. These can be single speaker
cabinets per output or a combination of two cabinets per output. Examples of cabinet combinations:
Per Channel: One 4 Ohm (or higher) or Two 8 Ohm (or higher)
OUTPUT POWER — 160 Watts RMS at 4 Ohms (80 watts per channel, both channels driven)
S/N RATIO — Better than 95 dB at 8 Ohms
HUM & NOISE — Better than -65 dBv at 8 Ohms (No input with controls at maximum)
SENSITIVITY— (For Rated Output): 450 MV (-5 dBv)
PRESENCE CONTROL — +/- 8 dB at IO KHZ (I 6 dB range)
MAX POWER CONSUMPTION — 120 VAC, 400 Watts (220-240 VAC, 50/60 HZ: 200 Watts)
COOLING SYSTEM — Constant-turbulence internal fan
SHORT-CIRCUIT PROTECTION — Inherent to the design, thermal runaway-proof
SIZE — 3 1/2" H x 19" W x 7" D (Standard 2-space rackmount format)
(D = behind front panel)
WEIGHT — 13 Lbs.
Your TUBE WORKS product is warranted for a period of three years against defects in workmanship
or materials in the electronic components. The speaker(s), reverb tank and cabinet (if
applicable) are warranted for a period of ninety (90) days. This warranty applies only to the
original registered owner provided he/she has returned a completely filled-out OWNER’S REGISTRATION
CARD within fifteen (15) days of purchase. This warranty covers parts and labor
only; shipping charges remain the sole responsibility of the owner. Damage due to misuse,
modification or abuse is excluded from this warranty. If service is required, you must contact
(RMA) by calling 480-941-0705. Whenever possible please use original packaging material
for all returns, this will insure that the units are not further damaged in transit.
The use and operation of this device constitutes an agreement of full release of any and all liability
connected with such use. Only personnel familiar with high-power audio equipment
should attempt to operate this device. In addition, by the use of this device, user agrees to
hold Genz Benz Enclosures/Tube Works, its designers, sales agents and all other affiliates and
related parties harmless in the event of any accident, injury, damage or loss resulting from
such use. Manufacturer's sole responsibility is to provide a warranty on the specified performance
of the product under normal conditions for a one-year period.
a division of Genz Benz Enclosures, Inc.
7811 E. Pierce St. ¿ Scottsdale, AZ 85257
Ph; 480-941-0705 Fax: 480-946-2412


Avis utilisateurs Tube Works MosValve MV-962

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L'avis de djewax"L'ampli MOSFET qui sonne TUBE"

Tube Works MosValve MV-962
Amplis Mosfet donc à transistor.
2 canaux de 80W chacun.
Un volume (gain) et une présence par canaux.
2 sortie HP par canaux.
Connectique en 4, 8 ou 16 Ohms.


La config est très simple et efficace, du plug and play.


Excellente qualité sonore pour un amplis transistor, vraiment bluffant et se rapprochant beaucoup d'un ampli à lampes.
Le son est plutôt "HiFi", à savoir qu'il n'y a pas de coloration du son, il reste fidèle tout en étant réchauffé. Il est impossible de le faire cruncher même à fond. Du classe A en faite.
Niveau puissance il sera largement suffisant pour une utilisation en groupe.
Par contre pour un bassiste la puissance sera peut-être un peu limite.
Mais pas de problème pour guitare ou clavier.
L'avantage aussi c'est qu'il fonctionne très bien à bas volume contrairement à un amplis à lampes où il est plutôt recommandé de taper dans les lampes.


Je l'utilise depuis 3 ans avec un préamp Blue Tube II de Tubeworks ou avec le préamp de mon amplis Fender Concert II (en sorti de la boucle d'effet).
Difficile de la différencier d'un amplis à lampes.
Rapport qualité/prix imbattable.
PS : les modèles US avec alim 110V peuvent se modifier en 230V en désoudant et resoudant simplement 2 fils, car le transfo d'alim est un 110/230v. Comme on en trouve beaucoup aux USA, ce petit bijou peut se convertir au réseau francais. J'avais envoyé un mail à Genz Benz (qui à récupéré la licence Tube Works) pour avoir le schéma pour le passer en 230V.
contenu en anglais
King Loudness13/12/2011

L'avis de King Loudness (contenu en anglais)"Decent solid state power amp"

Tube Works MosValve MV-962
The Mosvalve MV962 is a stereo solid state power amp made in the late '80s/early '90s to offer a more realistic take on the tube power section in a solid state power section. Tube power amps are great, but are subject to the consistency issue of the air around you and how your ears hear them, whereas solid state gear tends to sound more consistent. They can also be quite heavy when mounted in a rack, which is another selling point for something like this Mosvalve. It's a stereo rig that puts out about 80 watts of power per side. Each side (A and B) has volume and presence controls available. I believe it runs at 8 ohms impedance.


Getting a good sound out of this power amp isn't difficult. I'm definitely a fan of the Tube Works gear, and this is no exception. Granted, I do prefer a real tube rig, but for what the MV962 is, it sounds decent. When I had mine I tended to run it about flat as far as the volume and EQ went, and just did my tweaking from my Mesa preamp as far as master volume or tone. One nice selling point for the Tube Works is that it definitely did have a bit of that tubelike compression that you really don't hear often in simulated attempts at tube tones. I hear it in their amps as well which is cool.


This power amp sounds decent overall. I used it with a Mesa Boogie Studio Preamp (basically Boogie's famed Mark IIC+ head in a preamp) and a cheaper Ibanez Tone Blaster TB412A angled cab with generic Ibanez "Power Jam" speakers. I got the rack rig as a package deal because I wanted to try out rackmount gear and compare it to the nicer heads I'd owned. I was definitely happy enough with the Mosvalve power amp for what it was. It certainly doesn't have the fully tubelike sound that one would get out of something like a VHT/Fryette or Mesa Boogie tube power amp, but for what it was it sounded good. I used it in a band setting for gigs and recordings and it held up really well for reproducing my glassy cleans and thick smooth drive tones accurately and clearly.


All in all I think the Mosvalve MV962 is a decent power amp to grab if you're on a budget and just want something simple that sounds great and consistent. They aren't made anymore but you can find them used for $200 and under all over the web. If you're a total tube purist you might not dig this, but for someone who just needs power, it's a great one to look into for sure.

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  • Tube Works MosValve MV-962
  • Tube Works MosValve MV-962

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