Latin Percussion patato serie
Latin Percussion patato serie

patato serie, Autre percussion non chromatique de la marque Latin Percussion.

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Drummerguy 01/04/2008

Latin Percussion patato serie : l'avis de Drummerguy (contenu en anglais)

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These aren't bad drums at all- I played them extensively in college and have a lot of experience on other drums (in a variety of situations!) to compare them against.

First off you've got to realize what you give and what you get: These drums are made of fiberglass (not Siam oak, or ash like the other comparably priced LP drums) and because of this you really do end up sacrificing a good bit of warmth and bottom end to the tone of these drums. What you get: drums that are a WHOLE lot louder (and more durable as well).

If you've ever played behind a latin big band or loud R&B band you know what its like- you're never miced like you should be and you have to really kill yourself to get your sound out to the audience. These drums will really save you some skin (literally!) in projecting over louder groups. I've played a couple of big band gigs where I wouldn't have been heard AT ALL if it wasn't for the superior projection of these drums.

They're also more durable than their woody competitors. If you live in a moist and highly variable climate like the south east United Sates (like I do!) then you know that wood drums can crack under the wrong circumstances. Thankfully they haven't invented a climate yet that could crack fiberglass!

Of course you unfortunately give up a lot of the warmth and authenticity of the tone of the drum to get this however. These drums are definitely not optimum for studio situations, nor softer situations that require a greater degree of delicacy. In these situations the drum sound is brighter and longer than I think is appropriate.

All in all I think these drums are great for the money and essential to cutting through many realistic live playing situations.